Frabill 24"x28" Net, 36-54" Handle

What is with all the nets?

$75 for a net? That is a good deal? Then again, I don’t know much about nets.

I’ll give you $10 for this net, and that’s still $15 more than I want to spend on it.

Jeez Woot. This is like the sixth over-priced fishing net this Woot-off. ENOUGH ALREADY!

So many random crap things on woot now…

I must be a net noob. I just don’t get this but hopefully the people who appreciate the value will quickly snatch this up.

For my (and your) entertainment they replaced the word n o o b in my previous post with the word bucaneer.

My Beckman salmon net cost me $140. Then again, it’s a larger and much nicer net than this.