Frabill 24"x28" Net w/ 36-72" Handle

“Ideal for bass / walleye / trout / reds”

Reds? What kind of reds? Like Cincinnati Reds or like Commies?

What’s with all the nets in this Woot Off?

Did Woot net too many nets?

redheads. you’ll catch redheads.


80 dollars for a net? well, at least that’s one woot off site i won’t have to watch for awhile…

Hmmm, wonder why this $85 net isn’t selling?

Redheads you say? Well, heck… I better get one then!

Remember, its catch and release.

For $85, it had better make the fish just jump into the damn boat. Oh, and the redheads…lots of redheads in the boat.

Blue Gills, Yellow Tails, Redheads, and Green Clovers.

I hate to lose a fish but $85 for a net,I’ll just lie and say I boated it then released him.