Fractal Tree of Life

Bold. Almost rises off the backdrop of the shirt.

Fractals at their finest. Well done; great symmetry.

Love this shirt, thanks for the design.

I love the mesmerizing glow of the color combinations.

March Madness, anyone? :slight_smile:

Hmm… this looks familiar

Still, neat design. I like the colors.

(I honestly have no problem with the design remix. If Fablefire has foxes, doomcat has ninjas, then patrickspens can have his trees)

It’s hilarious that both designs won first place for the exact same theme X3 Totally agreed though: no problems with it what-so-ever :3

This makes me think of the NCAA Tournament coming up. Wondering what teams will fill those brackets!

ETA: Sorry Bobby, I didn’t see your post until after I posted mine…

It’s getting to me that the image is a rainbow but is missing purple. XD Very beautiful though regardless~

Cool treequel.

Increased the recursion, widened out the spectrum… the next one will push the printing limits and need ultraviolet and infrared inks.

I love the design and would buy if it were on black but won’t buy a brown shirt!!!

Too bad I already own the original: superior rework, however, I cannot justify purchasing the “same shirt” twice…

Looks like the cover of a Yes album.

First Day Sales: 1820
Shirt price 7.00
Didn’t check to see if the catalog sold out

As an owner of the previous version I agree and am currently trying to wring out the budget in order to get this new shiny too!

nice shirt

This shirt has pushed all the other shirts to the bottom of the drawer. Powerful, compelling design. Color scheme that practically glows. Widely liked and complimented. People throw jewels and money at my feet when I pass. The last only occurs in my head, but let me tell you, it is glorious.

So, did you see that Leonard on the Big Bang Theory was wearing this shirt in Last Thursday’s (12/10/15) episode. Pretty cool.