Fractal Tree

Got mine!

Aaaaaaaaaahahahaha!!! Come on! This is hilarious, right?

Judging by its colors, it appears this tree got too close to the oil spill.

Benoît Mandelbrot would be proud.

Yeah, hoping for one of Alexmdc’s designs to win outright was expecting too much, I guess.

This looks like the nightmare I had when I fell asleep in math class

Every time patrickspens wins a derby, an angel gets its wings.

Reminds me of the tree in “The Fountain.”

Wow, look at those deep Mandlebroots!

Is there anything better than math puns?

hoping for one to win AT ALL is probably too much, sadly.

Not at all psychedelic. Hardly even fractal. Looks like it came from Walmart. Woot derby success at its finest.

Looks like Davey Jones’ face.

I don’t get the honeycombs in the background… where are all the bees?!

Seriously, this won? I mean, it’s not bad, but come on. Just look at the competition, much better stuff there. Especially Alexmdc’s submissions, as I’m sure a lot of people are going to say. Now them’s be the stuff.

A perfect visual representation of what happens when the AC in my car fights between hot and cold.

if only this shirt glowed… in the dark…

studies own avatar

…Really, woot?

And what happened to my swamp thing? XP lol

[MOD: Whoops, my bad. Fixed]

With that EKG there, this somehow reminds me of Disney’s Tree of Life. Where are all the cute critters and musical numbers!

Dontcha know? His stuff is fit for walls or art galleries or some such nonsense, not a lowly, plebeian t-shirt.

I think they assumed the baby bird is both the poster and male.