Fractions are Hard

This is definitely a shirt I would have worn in 2002

I’ve voted in every derby since early December. (That’s when I got home from the hospital after an auto accident.)

I did not vote for this shirt, even though the saying is clever, and the font is a nice one.

I’m very surprised it came in 1st. I would have expected a shirt with graphic artwork would win. It makes me wonder just who is voting in these derbies, and how much time they spend looking at the entries.

This is nothing against acraigl. I’m glad he won-- but he’s submitted many designs that are better than this.

I hope this fractions shirt will at least help draw attention to some of his more creative designs. Check out his catalague for some of them… (Unfortunately at least one that I really liked did not make it to print.)

lol 5/4ths of me already own this shirt

Fairly certain the post was “tongue in cheek.”

This is the Derby winner?!? smh

Yeah saw this shirt before… Not sure if it matters but good for the artist… I dont imagine that the saying is copywright protected… well at least they didnt use comic sans! :slight_smile:

“other than the designer Woot” doesn’t make any sense though…

Because in order to stave of scurvy you must EAT the citrus.

Extra Credit:

The bootleg distillery ran by the fox and the raven.

Extra Credit:

Assuming aardvark is lead into this problem…

1 Prime = 1 lb Pb * 1ft
1 aardvark ~ 114 lb
114 * 25 = 2,850 Prime

Extra Credit:

Rubbing one’s hands vigorously with citrus juice will normally do the trick. I would advise him to take some limes from jeremby, who’s probably to sick to stop him.

Extra Credit:

dorryl has Fibrous Dysplasia of the Skull. His mother was worried the movie might be a trigger. Which frankly, is absurd, as Sloth is a wonderful role model.

Extra Credit:

The shirt had promised me that you wouldn’t be good with fractions; So I should have been able to make up stuff without it being questioned.