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What’s your favorite FPS?


(The) Sweet!


> Razer


From personal experience, the Razer Nostromo Gaming Keypad is awesome and ridiculously useful, especially for MMOs.


Are there specific MMOs that it would be better for than others? Or are most MMOs just sort of the same these days?


I would say most are the same in terms of how useful a good gaming keyboard or mouse would. Almost every game is going to have a pretty robust key binding system that you will be able to set-up around these cool devices.


Looked up some info on the monitors. Two problems I found was the bases don’t allow for much tilt and there are no screws holes on the back for attaching these to dual-monitor stands, which is a deal breaker for me.


How easy is it to switch from the SHIFT keyboard to the MOH keyboard?

Do you have to shut down the computer, or is it hot switchable?


i’m efforting to find an answer on that.

meantime, mebbeh somebody who’s purchased can weigh in.


From the manual:

There is nothing about the need to unplug the keyboard or power down.


Thanks!!! That helps.


I pair the nostromo keypad with the Naga mouse that has a full number pad under the thumb ( and highly recommend this.

No more pausing to look down and find a key on my keyboard when I’m in Arathi Basin!


How is the monitor 1080p but the resolution 1600x900? There is a difference between accepting a 1080p signal and the title being 1080p LED.


Can someone please explain what a gaming keyboard is? How is it different from a regular one?



Sorry about the confusion. We had listed it as being 1080p and clearly it’s not. The specs are now updated and the resolution should still be 1600x900 and NO 1080p.

If anyone purchased the monitor and would like to change your order, please feel free to email us at and we’ll be glad to help you out.

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The opening write-up made me think all the write-ups were going to be related to “Ballroom Blitz”.

I am disappoint.



This sale is like lightning. So totally frightening!


Got the Nostromo last time offered. Love it. (It was a penny cheaper on 9/16)

Favorite FPS? I still play through Doom, Doom2, and Quake about once a year. Still have a blast. Doom just never gets old for me. The awesome midi music, the distant sound of an imp growling, the kinda-sorta story… pure nostalgic fun.


Agreeeeeeeeeeeeed! Aint no party like a ‘Ballroom Blitz’ party cuz a ‘Ballroom Blitz’ party dont stop