Framed Star Wars Film Cells

again? lame…

With Halloween just around the corner, it’s no wonder these damned things have risen from the grave of the last Woot-off to try and suck the life out of this one as well.

I NEED A ROOMBA ! stop it with this ** stuff !

I think this wootoff is to see how crazy we all are!

Oh no!!! Not more star wars!!! Next it will be Star Wars vs. Excalibur on the golf course…bring on the screaming monkeys PLEASE!!!

I would hate to be the person who gets screwed with one of the cells with Jar Jar Binks.

Come on Trekkies!! Buy it up. Gotta see the next WOOT

This might be ghey-er than the USB stuff… :frowning:

UH there WAS a BOC…look in the community.

there was at around 6pm

I have some original Star Wars film cells and they are twice as wide as these. I wonder if they started printing them in anamorphic squeeze to save money.

You missed it, we had one bout 3 hours ago

sweet…all the geeks are in Kansas…way to Woot! for Star Wars, Kansas!

you missed it after the debranded lcd monitor this afternoon… so did i…

there was at around 6pm


You missed it. It’s already happened. Click on the “community” tab at the top of the page and see for yourself.

some nerd just went and got the vaseline and a paper towel…

It was around 4:20 today. (central time) You missed it, friend.