Framed Superhero Movie Posters

Dear God, please don’t let anyone buy the Green Lantern poster! Some horrible movies in there haha…

Avengers and some others are pretty legit though :wink:

The Superman poster could have been better. That being said, the Flash Gordon and Superman posters are the best of that bunch in that order. All others were decent movies but relied too much on CGI.

Hmmm does not specify, but I would like to know if these posters are at all Double sided, being originals. Or are they just reprints in a nice frame…!?

Wait, so they’re gonna pay me $69 to help them get rid of a Green Hornet poster? Count me in for 3!

Judging from their Amazon and eBay pages, and the different offerings therein, the company specializes in reproductions. Not many framed options on either site, and didn’t notice any of these particular posters, either. There’s good feedback on the company from both, though they don’t appear to have a website of their own…

Reprints in nice wood frames.

I’d buy if there were a Blade one. The original superhero movie, aw yeah.

Anyone who pays $70 for a Green Lantern poster should have internet privileges revoked for life.

I propose we agree to disagree. A few good story revamps, particularly for us Batman fans. The poster with the silhouette of our beloved Dark Knight is fantastic, In my opinion.

I am so so sad that there is no Wonder Woman among these. Problem is the only one that could really do her justice (haha) is tied up with the Avengers.

What?! NO ‘Captain Nice?!’

How Rude!


Oh…and go ahead and Guess which Super Hero is MY favorite!
Here’s a hint…my name Really IS
Bruce Wayne!
(Damn…there goes That secret! Well, nobody reads these anyway, so I’m safe!)


The Iron Man tattoo that takes up the entire back of my left calf is a good indication of which superhero is my favorite. :wink:

…some people read them…

I was hoping for a “Captain Hammer”

That Flash Gordon poster sure is tempting. I need to take some measurements.

Where’s the DareDevil poster? Foreshame Woot!, Foreshame…

these things are waaaay overpriced. You could easily find the poster and a decent frame separately for much less. Just saying. I think I bought that EXACT SAME Kick-Ass poster for like $10

WATCHMEN PLS!!!11111111111111111111111lllll

Just for you…