FRANCE: Blue Bottle (Price Until Next Goal)

Vive la France!

So glad I snagged a few when France dropped the price for us by scoring!!!

I see fallopian tubes.

nice bottle.

18 oz right in the title

Can you purchase more then one? I already got one but if price keeps dropping I may want another.

It says limit 10 so you got 9 more to go

Buy ALL the bottles!!!

Thx, guess I didn’t read that part. Well France will keep scoring b/c Crotia’s legs are dead after all the extra time. Oh wait they just scored!

Lol. I was thinking the same and then the goalie blunder. Not sure they have enough to get two more to tie it.

Rofl! I have a feeling you’re afraid to be pushing these for the next 5 years and STILL finding pallets of them!

If it comes to that, our special needs ice hockey program (a 501c3) would love to chat with you about a donation … the return in reduction of corporate taxes for the donation might be more than what you’d be getting for them in sales at that point.

Meanwhile, I did my part and ordered 4 of these for my family at the $6.11 price point. We all needed new water bottles here and these are just the right size for that side water bottle pocket on most of our backpacks.

And France wins it!

Where is the water bottle made?

In a water-bottle factory.

I see the game is over?
YAY France! I like French toast & French fries!!

I wish they were maybe 24 oz or so…

We like french toast and French fries too.

Is the water bottle made in China?