Francis Coppola Red Quartet

Francis Coppola Red Quartet
$45.99 + $7.00 shipping
condition: Red
1 Francis Coppola Diamond Collection 2005 Blue Label Merlot
1 Francis Coppola Diamond Collection 2005 Black Label Claret
1 Francis Coppola Presents 2005 Rosso Classic
1 Francis Coppola Presents 2005 Rosso Shiraz

I review the 2005 Clarethere on page 4.

Kudos to whoever guessed FFC!

I had the '04 Claret. I was extremely unimpressed, even at the Costco price. I’ll have to be convinced on this one.

How is it that I can buy these in the store here, but Woot cannot ship them to AZ?

During the previous FFC wine.woot the winemaker declared the 2005 to be possibly the best Claret they’ve made.

…not that it matters. I think FFC is the only to NOT ship to VT. Too bad. I was ready to jump for a pair, possibly a triple this week. :frowning:

Time to go check out the summer white sale…

The FFC Presents site is the place to go this time.

Of course, I can by the Diamond Series anywhere.


Not excited, I’v been able to get these wines in every grocery store and wine/liqour store in my town for years now, It’s better when woot sells small wineries that get no shelf space.

maybe next week

Yeah. I was afraid it would be something like this. FFC is fine and good with me, but it’s available at my walgreens here in middle of nowhere NM. The reason I love winewoot is because many times, I’m introduced to some new and interesting stuff. Ah well There is always next week.

Edit: er, uh, or what AstonM said.

I sure hope it is an editorial error that DC isn’t on the list this week.

Check thelast FFC offering. That’s what I thought about VT, but it’s consistent with their last two listings. :frowning:

i don’t see the rosso’s on the shelves here in tucson. i mean, we get the normal rosso classic blends every year (with 2005 being the latest release i’ve seen), but i’ve never seen the rosso single varietal. that said, i have seen the blanco single varietal (pinot grigio; though maybe they don’t make white blends?). i was interested for that reason alone. too bad no az.

im guessing if you can see these in the store, the deal is minimal - but i could be really wrong (so please someone correct me if i am) - i have the vague recollection (only from seeing it on shelves) that the merlot and claret probably add to about $32. the rosso classic blends sell for 8-10 each i know for sure. that makes about 52 in the store…46+7

Hmmm…Maybe we can get these locally…Dunno. I just know I saw Merlot and Claret and that was enough. Plus, I had basically decided that if it was red I was going to try and be the first sucker:

Francis Coppola Red Quartet
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Sadly…I was also hoping to be the last sucker for last week’s offering but someone else got in at the stroke of midnight.

Since we know they’ll all be shipped on Wednesday/Thursday from CA I wonder if they’ll combine boxes…Not that it really matters, just got me to wondering.

Yeah, teh 2005 claret is the bomb. (how is that for tasting notes?) I don’t think I had the '04, but the '02 and '03 were also excellent - but not as good as the '05. Now if it was a four-pack of the claret… I would be in for three.

yeah i see it but never buy it from the stores. i would have got it from woot though - not sure why, but i would’ve jumped this week. maybe next time for az…

I guess I should add that Spec’s has the claret for $13 – so at that price, it was pretty darn impressive! (IMHO)

(they are still building the Costco near me… one day, one day…)

The Merlot Diamond is $15 at my local Costco and can usually be found for $15 or $16 at the grocery store along with the Claret. Costco also sells the Rosso Classic for about $8/bottle. A web search puts the Shiraz in the same price range.

First woot ever where (if I could buy it) it might actually be cheaper for me to buy from 3000 miles away than from wine.woot & WCC. Have the new Rossos made a big jump in price recently?

The '04 was about the same price, mixed in with a bunch of the '05. Here are my tasting notes:

"Unlike my usual practice, I didn’t decant this wine. Maybe that’s why I didn’t enjoy it. The nose was the best part of this bottle – black cherries, cranberry, plums, hints of black currant and cinnamon. Much, but not all of the fruit carried over to the palate. The most disappointing thing about this wine was that it felt entirely unstructured, very flabby. There was very little difference between the front palate, mid-palate, and finish, which was also quite short. Not at all what I would expect from a California-based majority-CabSauv blend, and not in a good way.

I don’t think I’ll buy this one again, nor will I pick up the '05."

And I’m a guy who loves both big, tannic, structured cabs like Pepper Bridge, and more Bordeaux-style blends like SB’s.

I think it was the first bottle of Cab-ish that I’ve bought that I didn’t ENJOY; Even the $7 “2003 Argentine Beef” was pretty damn good with a steak, post-decanting.

This offering looks like it would be a fine addition to my meager cellar. However, I’ll wait for the winemaker to comment.

Wow wine.woot nice being zero savings.
Costco and your local supermarket has FC wine so readily available its ridiculous. The costco’s near me have the Diamond Series for under 13$ each and the other series are only 8$ a piece where you can find it.

The diamond series is also by NO MEANS spectacular. Its an extremely average wine made by a large wine manufacturer. They have their amazing Rubicon wines then they have their cheapy diamond series. THis isn’t an example of a local winery making cheap wine that’s good, this is a large grocery market chain making grocery market wines.

come on woot what’s up with the selection