Francis Coppola Reserve 2005 Chardonnay 2-Pack

The bottle looks nice…

ARRGGHHH!!! Not a Chardonnay!!! I’ve been begging for Woot to put up some white wines and then they do this right after I pulled the trigger on a double order of the pinot. My wife’s gonna kill me but I can’t pass this up lol. Looks like I’m the first sucker to go in for 2 of these as well.

I cant drink any more for health reasons. Will there ever be non-alcoholic versions of liquor here? I didnt mind the Woot wine, that was rather good but too bland and harsh to enjoy more than two glasses.

Looking forward to some alternative choices crosses fingers

wait - i just came in to read more about the pinot. i guess i missed today’s discussion - what happend? what’d i miss?!! why the whites?!!

and since maybe corrado’s fallen alseep since its late on the east coast…

Francis Coppola Reserve 2005 Chardonnay 2-Pack
$45.99+ $5 shipping

Available (what’s this?)
2 Francis Coppola Reserve 2005 Chardonnay

The pinot sold out yesterday at 8 something pm.

I thought the picture just looked different at home, or woot messed with it. Then I zoomed in and saw chardonay.

I am very interested to see how this compares to others such as Abandon.

On I doubt it. this is a wine site – why would they sell anything else?

For that matter, why are you shopping here if you can’t drink wine???


I already got my wine for the week! My bank account can’t handle this!

Somebody please post a bunch of terrible reviews of this wine to I can just say no!


<EDIT> I just looked under my account information to see how many bottles I’ve purchased so far. In the almost 9 months since my first purchase on 7/28/06, I have purchased 102 bottle of wine on woot. Yikes!!!

Current numbers (updated each minute):
First sucker: LanMan66
Speed to first woot: 29m 28.953s

Last wooter to woot: wyresem2

Dang it. I already got 2 of the pinot and now I have bought one of these! I think I am officially addicted :slight_smile: My hubby is going to be so mad…oh, well. It’s better to ask forgiveness than permission :wink:


Dammit is right… I passed earlier because I’m not a Pinot fan, then proceeded to spend a good chunk of change at the BevMo Buy one, Get a second for $0.05 sale. Shipping really kills you when you buy a couple of cases, doesn’t it?

Anyhow, I’m out of wine budget and out of wine storage. Crrrrrrrrrrrrap. I am just beginning to appreciate chards in this price point as well, and would have liked this to continue my education.

238 since 6/29/06. It’s a good thing people keep sending me credit cards!!!

I’m new to this wooting thing, but here goes… my sencond woot this weekI It would be easier to justify if my husband enjoyed wine, too! But, I’ll just have to wait for company.

No wait! I’m waivering… can i hold out?

My husband really likes the Coppola wines. He prefers reds, but I’m sure these whites will be fine.

Wow - Sold the Pinot and on to a Chardonnay - Almost a Wine.Wootoff

I have to say i am jealous of anyone who can order these - No AZ yet again, but I can buy Coppola in the stores here. (not the Reserves)

I did try this when I was at the vineyard last Oct - quite good stuff :wink:

Ahhh - finally some white after I already doubled up on the Pinot this week - to quote James Coburn from Payback - “Man that’s just mean. That’s mean man.”


And I thought I had bought too much wine. :slight_smile: I’ll have to show this to my wife so she knows that I’m not crazy when it comes to buying wine from this site! :slight_smile:

No Shar-Duh-Nay for me this week, hey at this rate I might be able to pay off my credit card.


I saw in the Pinot blog you said you were heading to Vegas this weekend. I’m going in October and I’ve been compiling notes from blogs and podcasts on things I want to do and see and I heard about one yesterday you might be interested in…
There’s a place in the basement of The Rio called The Wine Cellar that is supposed to be real cool. If you check it out lemme know what you thought.