Frank Worth Art

I love the Marilyn Monroe and Billy Wilder photo. It’s so nice to see legs without Photoshop!

So for the Marilyn Monroe “Leg Up” photo it lists the following:

Overall size is 11" x 17"
Acutal image size not including border is 13" x 13.5"

How is the actual image size bigger than the overall size even before the border is taken into account? And just to be a jerk actual is spelled wrong. :wink:

Thanks for catching the typos there. We’ll get them resolved soon! :smiley:

No worries, I’m just glad to finally have some stuff to hang on my empty walls!

This is not much of a deal, considering I can get the prints here for essentially the same price

we can do better woot…

I was thinking I’d be in for 2 if they were 10 bucks each, but not for this price.

That’s where taking advantage of $5 all day shipping works to your advantage.