Frank Worth Had a Camera




James Dean in the bathroom peeing while also on the phone. What a multi-tasker. Imagine if he had a smartphone.


If these are 11x17, the images that are shown aren’t all (if any) at that proportion. Where can we see the true cropping of these images?


As per the description:

•Overall size is 11" x 17"
•Acutal image size not including border is 10" x 10.5"

so there is a white border which makes the page rectangular and the photos themselves are almost square.


Ah, neither of the ones with my dear Francis Albert in them had that in their descriptions, thanks-

It sounds like whatever proportions the images may have, they’re scaled to fit on an 11x17 sheet-


“Blind embossed with the Frank Wort Estate stamp in the lower right corner”

Hey Woot, that misspelled stamp might bring down the wort of these prints.


Hmmmm, good catch. You get the proof-reader badge of the day. It’s imaginary but if we had one, it would be really cool.

I’ve asked for a fix.


I’m gonna put that on my resume. Right under the part about “does this kind of stuff for a living.”


The Marilyn leg up photo states Overall size is 11" x 17"
Acutal image size not including border is 13" x 13.5"


Are there any photos of people that aren’t dead?


If it helps any, the people weren’t dead when the photos were taken.


I just got mine today. I am very impressed with the quality. This has turned into one of my most favorite woots E-V-A-R!!

If they ever come up again, I’ll be in for more. :slight_smile:


Mine still shows “Awaiting Shipping”?


Well mine are awaiting shipping also, they should have been shipped a week ago.


sorry for the delay. you might want to email with questions about the status of your orders.


Done that 3 times now they just give me the run around. This is worse than apple support at least their up front about not caring.


Sorry for the problems. I’m sending an email from this end to see what’s up.