Franklin Covey Black Leather Monarch Slim Agenda

damnit i needed the usb corbs but buy button kept reloading main page?

Didn’t I already see this item?

this must be a special agenda …it was up when i went to bed and its up when i wake up

Yes. It will continue to be posted until you are in for three

This is the slim.

Which IIRC appears to only be .25" more ‘slim’

Aww! I missed the zippered one! This one is different, at least the price reflects it mediocrity.

But I am not nor do I know any Monarchs who can use this…

Or is “Monarch Slim” a rapper name?

I’m loving that picture of the inside.

This was $12.99 about 7 hours ago. Bet you cant buy any fillers for it!

What is monarch slim, is it like supermodel slim? The last one was monarch sized… Just who made monarchs the current measurement standard?!

Big William Hung fan, I see?

Same here. Thought it was the same grinder from late last night. Looks like I didn’t miss anything worthwhile in between.

It was planning on making another appearance in this Woot!Off ever since the grown-up Trapper Keeper wrote on itself the large capitalized “A” closely followed by a “1” on the page for today’s date, jotting its careful plans down on itself by using the convenient built-in writing utensil.