Franklin Covey Nappa Leather Zippered Agenda

soo many things to do!

youve gotta be kidding me…

Not Mac compatible

Is Grandparents’ Day coming up soon?

Go ahead, say you’re in for one. You will only be revealing how young you are not.

I thought that cell phones replaced these things…


People still use these? I thought tablet PC’s and smart phones would make these obsolete.

If I bought one of these, would it be the gay agenda?

That guy in the 2nd picture sure is having a great time.

so, is this like an analog version of a PDA? How would one set the alarm on this?

does anyone know when the BOC will be listed?

These were obsolete with the advent of the smart phone.

I KNEW Woot had an agenda! I just never knew it was so cheap…

I’d rather buy a Filofax.

how long to wait up for the BOC, or did I miss it already?

Going to bed… this one will be up all night… and on into Saturday…

damn you woot and your “basil” like addictive qualities…I’m out, goodnight woot!

I’m going to vacuum seal it.

I’d love one but I need to know if it works with my Mac first?