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Franklin Electronic Talking Spanish-English Student Dictionary [New] - $17.99 + $5 shipping

1 * Franklin BES-1240 Talking Spanish-English Student Dictionary

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Heres my review of this product…but to read it you have to buy one mwahahhahahahaha

El estudiante Español-Inglés que hablaba electrónico de Franklin que el diccionario trabaja grande, éste era práctico en clase española en universidad 5/5

Mixed reviews at Amazon

Is there a volume level? I don’t want my spanish teacher to hear a loud “HOLA!” during the exam. :wink:

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This thing can’t hold a candle to my old Speak-and-Spell!

I’m thinking that TV’s Craig Ferguson could really use one of these to help him out with the Spanish word of the day.

always check the photos :slight_smile:

I demand an English-LOLspeak dictionary.
All these damn kids and their “can haz”. I don’t know whether they’re telling me to drive into a farmers market or put my Prius in neutral.

I get this in translation…

The Spanish-English student who spoke electronic of Franklin that the dictionary works great, this one was practical in Spanish class in university…

So your saying this was practical for your Spanish class at the University level.

And it works great. AND you rate it 5 out of 5.

Thanks. Good enough for me.

You on the other hand need to work on phrases and sentence structure.

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  • Franklin Electronic Talking Spanish-English Student Dictionary
  • Headphone Jack
  • Volume Control
  • Packaging

I work as an RN in a hospital and most of my patients can’t speak English. I don’t expect this to have medical terminology, but I got one anyways because my Spanish pretty much sucks and anything will help.

Look at the picture with the cover open and tell me that doesn’t look like it’s wearing a Santa hat. I mean the speaker even looks like a fuzzy white ball.

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