Franklin Sports NFL Youth Licensed Deluxe Uniform Sets, Large

I find it a bit disturbing that wOOt, normally a light-hearted and family-friendly deal peddler, what offer a product of this type targeted at children. As an admitted Cleveland Browns fan myself, I can safely say that this Cleveland Browns youth uniform is not suitable for anyone under 18, if not 21.

Consenting adults should be allowed to do as they choose in the privacy of their own homes, but that doesn’t mean we should be encouraging America’s future leaders to engage in any Browns-related fandom before they are even capable of fully understand the potential ramifications of their missteps. While science has aided the medical community in making great strides in drug treatment and rehabilitation, there still exists no known cure for becoming a Browns fan, and the side effects and social stigma are considerable, to put it kindly. Please think of the children!