Fraud - Bialetti - sent wrong model now listing is changed after close

Bought Bialetti
“Bialetti Kitty Stove top Coffee Maker, Your Choice 4-Cup or 6-Cup, Stainless Steel”
My imusa at grandparents broke - make grandfather cappuccino with it and frother every Sunday. Fortuitous that when I was looking for one that woot had kitty 4 or 6 cup and 6 for $29.99
Was much more on amazon and i don’t do 3rd party if I can help it and not ship from 3rd party.
The venus (what this turned out to be) was $22 ship and sold by Amazon next day delivery. I prefer the kitty and its usually a little more.
So I figured for the extra $7 and some cents more it was what I wanted.
then it didn’t ship for a while and missed Sunday. I was not going to bring my machine over just to make the coffee.
So it comes and it’s the venus. I wrote saying the problem, now the venus is 3rd party only for more and the kitty is still a lot more.

The reply was sorry there was a problem with the cups…? What???

I’m sorry to hear the cups you received didn’t meet your expectations.

In this case, I’d like to offer you the below options:

  1. If you’d like a replacement, we can get one sent out to you. We will also send you a prepaid return label to send the item you received back to us.

  2. If you’d like to return the item for a full refund, we’d be glad to help you by providing a prepaid return label to send the item back to us.

So I wrote back again and then was told I could be sent replacement or returm

So I wrote back again

Told couldn’t provide a partial credit could get replacement or return

So I wrote back again
What are they going to replace with because I saw the photos (after delivery I looked) show the venus with 6-cup written at bottom.

But when I went back to quote the listing
Now the listing says 4cup kitty or 6 cup venus
And my purchase history shows I purchased venus where it ad said kitty

What the fjfjfnfnfnfnfnnfnfkfjfjfjfjfjfjjfjf
Insert explitives above

What’s wrong with sending it back for a refund? You’ll literally be right where you were before. Speaking of fraud, what’s with you wanting a partial discount? How is a free return and a full refund fraud?

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I would have purchased the $22 amazon Venus 6 cup which at delivery from woot of the Venus instead of Kitty was no longer available as such.
I have washed this and ran 4 batches (cleaning instructions) of just over 1oz coffee (roughly 4.5-5oz total) that is $24/lb. and thrown away coffee. This because I felt a need to use it immediately and didnt have time to go buy some throwaway coffee grounds.

I only ordered from Woot because it was the KITTY 6cup for $7 and change more than the Venus and that was worth it to me.
I also didn’t expect a 5 or so day delay in shipping as Woot has mostly sent things swiftly lately.

They replies are still they can send me a replacement
WTF? Replacement with WHAT??? It’s now patently obvious it’s the Venus
Or return which I would then be forced to $35 sold by 3rd and shipped by amazon (I ALWAYS prefer S&S by Amazon as the $22 Venus was) or $40 on the Kitty 3rd party/shipped amazon.

And the fraud is
When purchased listing stated KITTY 4 cup or 6 cup

NOW it says Kitty 4 cup or Venus 6 cup and under my purchase history it now says I purchased 6 cup venus
Bialetti Stove top Coffee MakerSold by Woot

Size:6 Cup
1 @ $29.99 $49.98 40% off list price

Versus it had said I purchased 6 cup Kitty
Luckily I have my email confirmation of purchase still which does say 6 cup KITTY!

If I didn’t have that and / or screen shot How would I proceed if I need to file a chargeback
or say I real problem with some purchase - say I bought something huge and high cost that they were pulling this with.
How would I file the lawsuit -
Oh, you got a Venus and it says you bought a Venus… what’s your problem.

ALSO - title says changed after close - actually was changed after I had written in and replied a second time about the problem and pointing out that it stated Kitty 6 cup

Hi there. Been researching what happened. It was human error on our end. Here’s the series of events:

  1. Sale launched selling the 4c Kitty Only

  2. We got inventory on a 6c version that we thought was the same model. You could choose 4c or 6c in the drop down.

  3. We realized that the 6c was the Venus, not the Kitty. Another drop down was added so you could now choose Kitty 4c or Venus 6c. This was after the sale had ended though. We make these changes post sale so they’ll launch correctly if clone/repeat the sale.

Throughout all this, the photos were correct but the title/features were definitely unclear. There was no intention of fraud.

We do not have nor did we ever have a Kitty 6c. Everyone that ordered the 6c is getting a Venus.

I see that CS has already issued you a return authorization to return the item.

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If I wanted the Venus I could have purchased for $22 from amazon
I prefer the Kitty which you were selling for $30
Kitty was worth it so I purchased
I knew what the Kitty was so no need to go through photos
6 cup kitty for sale and selected 6 cup kitty.

Why on earth would you need to change a listing and the records of what everyone purchased in their history AFTER IT WAS DONE! And not only after many days after (on late 29th/early 30th/today)

I have already gone through the cleaning which cost me about $7 in thrown out coffee grounds as I needed to make coffee for my grandfather immediately - he’s 96, has had a stroke at beginning of year and is going downhill fast.

Why on earth won’t Woot credit me some for their problem. I asked for 50% which yes may be high - It would have made it $15 and the lowest it’s ever been from Amazon is $18 but it was just $22 w/ next day delivery (I suppose it may have been two day due to time at night - but it said next day) It took 7 days from Woot.
I figure at least I should get a $9.99 credit so it’s just under what I could have bought if there was not a misleading sale.

I’m sorry for the error in the sale. However, a partial refund is not an option for this item. Thank you.


And why is that?

Alternatively I’ll need to file a chargeback for it or the difference
this is disgusting
And I’ve still not had the time to get to ups to send back the wrong knife you sent me for which I was charged $40 plus tax and sent a knife I absolutely do not want that you were selling for $25





What the hell am I reading about?!? Kitty Venus? Kitty4 kitty6? Venus6? Coffee? What the hell


Yeah, I just don’t get the problem.
I would assume the 4-cup coffee maker also would make wonderful coffee and why coffee would need to be thrown away.
It just makes 2 cups less of the wonderful coffee.

Just returning it seems like a great idea for everyone to recover from this horrible incident.


I think I figured it out. Venus kitty 64cup meat maker? No? I’ll keep reading

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