Fraud - Bialetti - sent wrong model now listing is changed after close

WOW. You’ve had bad luck ordering from woot.
I’ve purchased over 100 items (yes, I’m better than most) and have been happy with woot every time. The one small problem was quickly fixed by woot to everyone’s satisfaction.

4 cups (these are 1.5oz espresso cups from something that doesn’t quite make espresso) is not enough
and coffee must be thrown away to clean the factory out of the system.
Ideally I would have used some cheap junk coffee but got it and went to grandparents - I’m the evening/night caregiver - and used what I had which was expensive locally roasted a couple days before beans.

Just return it and move on. Stuff happens, why is this such a huge issue? If it is so bad, why are you fighting to keep it?


The whole set up feels a bit like this…


When my mom was dying, I certainly didn’t screw around quibbling about a few dollars. Return the stupid coffee maker and go get one worthy of your love. Today.


More than you’ll ever know Dave. : )


Yes. Don’t sweat the small stuff. This IS small stuff.
Life will be filled with too many BIG PROBLEMS to worry about a stupid coffee maker.
Return it so you can return to your normal life.

Let’s all put the “Kitty/Venus Coffeemaker Incident of 2019” behind us.

…someone is maybe drinking too much espresso…


Here, Here…
Remember this is how memes start and no one wants that. :wink:


May God forbid my grandchildren from getting all worked up over a stupid coffee maker “on my behalf.” Lord knows I’ll be dead soon and the coffee maker will be theirs anyway. Is that what is going on here? Shame on them!


My last problem was a bunch of broken honey
they sent out replacements
I waited and waited and then messaged them about the ship notification from tracking number I had no knowledge of why I got notice it was having routing issues and it was having multiple attempts in a different state.
got back I was getting credit that the replacements broke in transit.
Did I expect the 10 damaged and then the replacements to not even make it to me due to noticeable damage? No as I had purchased them several times with no problems. 6, 3, 5, 3 no problems.
And I didn’t even complain that the box with a bunch of honey inside it was covered with ghost ants that I brought in before I knew better and also I didn’t complain that I got shards of glass in my hand.

I’ve ordered right handed holster for a specific gun and received left handed for a completely different gun.
Tons of problems. Bags of tea with little holes in them and one with liquid in it.
These just the last month, month and a half problems.
Many problems arise with items listed as new that turn out not to be.

right now I can’t figure the difference between the 182 woots and the showing 1-10 of 202 woots - maybe one shows cancels?
then of course I had a couple hundred on another account before I went to this one linked to prime account and of course there are the other accounts I have under my name and others I’ve bought on.

To me I can buy something small and get screwed out of $2 and it’s painful to my psyche.
What if you bought a Bugatti Veyron in black - it game in neon orange, purple and pink. People said just deal with it or go to Maaco and get it painted black for $99.99
Maybe you’d love that color scheme maybe it also says “My OWNER IS A GIANT DOUCHE” in Faux Gold.
You’d probably be pretty annoyed.

***[Drafts heartfelt post about cutting folks some slack when things are going bad because sometimes when the BIG PROBLEMS are occurring, the little things take on seemingly unwarranted importance; sees subsequent posts; deletes post.]

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Well thanks I appreciate your insincere thoughts.
Almost as much as the derails with idiotic gifs

As to the REFURB ninja
I would never use a refurb food item nor almost any refurb item. I did buy a few refurb lenovo thinkpads including one from woot.
Plus I tried a Ninja and several Krups machines a while back - YUCK!. I had decent Krups coffee and shots added to frothed milk on Tahoe vacation but the ones I purchased all maxed out at 185degrees when perfect and 165-175 most of the time in brew (yes adjusted to high in menu.) Gross, gross, gross.

I have ordered several NEW items from woot that turned out to be refurb - they were thrown or given away.

I’m probably just going to order this for grandparents house though it’s overkill and not really any room… big kitchen low cabinets.

I still need a stovetop ‘espresso’ maker for sometimes use and will keep this one as it’s not worth the hassle to bother with a return for me.
The almost $8 and immediate delivery Woot STOLE from me by misleading will forever bother me though.
It’s how I’m wired. I remember Star Wars Episode IV when I was just over 1 yr old in theater. It’s not until I hit 3yrs though that I started taking note of every slight dealt to me.

My Gibson 8" monitors just showed up so I need to grab a disc transport and head over to grandparents. I brought my spare receiver and some good speakers just bought over there and hooked everything up to get ready for christmas music only to have a dead yamaha avr.
Hopefully they image well. As I’ve stayed up when I should be sleaping trying to get ready for halloween, the dinner theater I’m taking grandparents to tomorrow and everything else.

Venus razors are for people. Not for use on kitties.


When you complain on a public forum, instead of through PM’s and email… You get what you get.
I guess you must be new here… I am so sorry, let me explain…

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So in summary:

  1. Woot lists Kitty 4c.
  2. Woot finds stock of 6c. and lists as Kitty 6c. but posts picture of Venus 6c.
  3. You bought what you thought was a Kitty 6c. for $30
  4. Woot finds out it’s a Venus 6c. and changes listing
  5. You got a Venus 6c.
  6. You wrote to CS and they offer to pay for return shipping and give you a full refund
  7. You decide to use it, knowing it’s not the right product, and use expensive coffee in it (your choice)
  8. You wrote CS again and they offer to pay for return shipping and a full refund, even though it’s now used
  9. You post in the forums and demand a partial refund but plan to keep the product
  10. TT offers you paid return shipping and a full refund
  11. You continue to post and say you’re going to buy a $500 (!!) espresso machine instead
  12. You list a bunch of other times Woot has messed up but never say whether or not you reported these to CS and whether or not they have offered a solution to your problems

Sound about right? Okay, here’s my two cents.

You had me up until #7 and then completely lost me at #8. You got the wrong product but used it anyway AND THEY ARE STILL OFFERING YOU PAID RETURN SHIPPING AND A FULL REFUND.

If you get the wrong thing and use it anyway, you’re on the hook for it. Same thing with your Bugatti analogy. If you order a black Bugatti and it comes in neon orange BUT YOU TAKE IT AND DRIVE AWAY WITH IT, IT’S YOURS. If it wasn’t right, you don’t take delivery or sign the paperwork. You tell them they got it wrong, you show them your paperwork, and you have them fix it BEFORE YOU USE IT. You did that, Woot has said they messed up repeatedly, and they’re offering you a fix that will not cost you anything that you didn’t already spend on this item to receive it.

Are you out the money for the $24/lb coffee? You sure are but you decided to use expensive coffee in the product that you didn’t order. Woot didn’t do that. They’re willing to fix the mistake they made. They can’t fix the decisions you made afterwards.

And as for the complaints about Woot, for someone who says they buy a lot, you don’t know how they work. Yes, they are owned by Amazon but they are not run by Amazon. Some products are stored at Amazon warehouses and are shipped out with lightning speed. Other things are held by third party retailers/resellers and are sold through Woot. Those things ship through them, not through Amazon. It’s how Woot can get good prices on products. Ordering on Woot is just like ordering on other bargain web sites – it’s a gamble. Sometimes the items are perfect and come next day. Some items are not quite right and take 2 weeks to get to you. And there’s everything in between. But Woot always work with you to make things right when they know they or their retailers/resellers messed up. They’re offering you a solution. You either take it or leave it.


I think I turned 96 and had a stroke while reading this mess.


Just another example of someone wanting to have their cake and eat it, too. “You sent me the wrong thing, so I want to keep the product and get a refund.” That’s not how the world works cuppy cake. That may be how people are taught that it is supposed to work, but here in the real world, if you don’t like/want an item you received, whether it is your fault or the fault of the company, their only obligation is to refund your money - once you return the item - or replace it - again, once you return the original item.

Shit happens, people. Get over it and stop trying to get something for nothing.


My theory is that the person thought it would magically transform into the product they wanted, but only after using it. This is why they had to open it and run some coffee through it just to rule-out the possibility that the model might somehow change after first use.

“What the?! I used the product and it STILL isn’t the product I wanted/ordered!”

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