Fraud use of credit card

My credit card was used on Woot by someone else. How can I contact Woot regarding this?

Thanks, done.

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After I was assured by Woot customer service by email that the fraudulent order will not ship, now the money is actually taken from my card and not just on hold anymore. Horrible!

Make sure you get in touch with your bank. They are the only ones that can remove charges.

I did already since yesterday. But since the transaction was pending they just I just have to wait. Now, Woot actually went on with the transaction after I was assured that it had been cancelled. Now, it’s going to take 3 months.

Apparently robots are replying to my emails, I get the same exact text with the same exact punctuation without actual replies to my messages.

I really wonder how you are still in business!

Oh. I don’t work here.

Personally I’ve found Woot’s customer service a bit mixed up. The robots are terrible. But the actual real staff are awesome and have always fixed my problems. It’s getting through to real people that’s sometimes difficult.

@Thunderthighs is pretty awesome and a lot of the time she can help with finding the right path forward.

But with your issue I think going through the bank and replacing your card would be best. I’ve had this happen too (not with Woot) and it’s not fun, but it happens. I got a replacement card and changed all my passwords. I only use cash at gas stations or pay inside. I’m pretty sure that’s where the security lapse happened. Some criminal in Utah used my card to order online games. It wasn’t the retailer’s fault and there wasn’t much they could do.

But good luck!

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