Freakin' Huge Stadium Canvases

Why do so many of them have the seating areas in black and white? These may be the absolute worst stadium pictures I’ve ever seen. Not to mention, 40x22 isn’t “Freakin’ Huge”.

I agree. Taking a look at the Cowboys stadium for instance they did not even take/use a picture when the stands are full . . . some of these are strange choices for sure.

True - nothing like a drab grey and navy picture of the field during a cheerleader halftime extravaganza to convey the excitement of game day.

The pricing is fair compared to other prints available.

My son and I both work on field for another NFL team and the family always enjoys checking out these shots to play Find the Pope in the Pizza.

Hi this is Matt from UltraMurals. We are excited to offer these canvases on Woot and I will be keeping an eye on the message board over the next few days if you have any questions.

The images are edited to accentuate the team colors in the photos as they are named, parts are left black and white. They look awesome when printed out at a large size and we have had great customer feedback since we started offering these.

Unfortunately, the Sports Authority Field interior view is dated, the scoreboard has been changed so the screen is now full width, including the angled side panels.

Where is the Big house at? A.K.A. the greatest stadium in the country!

We have that one! Here you go:

Why don’t you post how you really feel? I actually think the Black and White’s are cool looking.

Sure could go for a Kyle Field or an AT&T Center!

I was ready to get a couple of the St. Louis Cardinal’s Busch Stadium pics for gifts until I saw that the seats were empty. Who wants a picture of an empty stadium of a team which has the 2nd highest MLB attendance-$3.5 mil last year, 99.4% of capacity? Just to show the red seats? NEARLY NO ONE I’M GUESSING!

Eh, you misspelled The Shoe. The home of The Ohio State Buckeyes! Undisputed National Champions.

No Red Bull Arena, BMO Field, Rogers Centre… meh at best.

The 49ers don’t play in Candlestick any more, thank Cthulhu. Can’t imagine anyone paying to be reminded of that stadium.