Fred & Friends NOTED "Graph Paper" Appetizer Plates

That is not graph paper, looks like standard ruled notebook paper to me.

Fixed the title, just for you.

Broken plates: I noticed all reviews lead to all plates broken on delivery. What is the options if this in fast does happen? I know I can return to Woot, but in the past that has been a long process. Any other ideas?


Our CS has greatly improved over the last couple years. Fastest way is to send along a link to a photo.

I bought these from Woot when they were listed at $18, so this is a good price if you’re at all interested. They’re fairly small plates - definitely appetizer serving plate sized. I kinda wished there were more than 6 plates though, so I might just buy a second set.

None of my plates arrived damaged in any way (though obviously YMMV).