FREE Digital Download: Coloring Page #17

Can we all agree that old-school games were brutally unforgiving? No save points? Check. Bosses that will crush your hopes and dreams? Check. A bad-a woman that takes out aliens? Check. I played NES Metroid recently and I sometimes wonder why did I ever like these games in the first place?!

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Click on the link below to download today’s free coloring page, print it out in black and white and imagine you’re on a secret mission to uncharted space.

Click here to download the full size PDF image!
Click here to download the full size PNG image!

Share your completed pictures below! Also, what is your most epic video game moment (it’s ok if it’s Candy Crush)?

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This one took a while. Lots of little things to color.

My most epic video game moment was finding out who my character really was in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. I had guessed something adjacent to what it was but was not expecting the actual answer.


My brother says this game was COMPLETELY underappreciated. And best gaming moment was probably making the high score in Wii minigolf-- real minigolf always ended with me being chased by stinging insects or having to chase my ball through the batting cages. True story.

Such a good game!

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