Free media software at


A new software emerged todayand it’s call [color=red]SimpleCenter[/color]. Actually, the product was bundled with a wireless car player a few years ago. But this version is different, it’s no longer managed by Rockford. The company seperated and joined another company call Universal Electronics which makes remote controls such as the Nevo SL. The new SimpleCenter software have several notible features including:

  • share your pictures to others from your own computer via http server and access your own password protected files.
  • a Theater mode which is like Microsoft’s Media Center. The software works with its own custom remote control which can be purchased later (possible on woot!?)
  • a UPnP server for your media extenders
  • a ratings wizard to help rate your music
  • and more?

it’s still in beta, but they’re looking for feedback. check in out at


Hmmm, not sure about this, as it relates to the rules. Just seems like beta software. Leaving it till I get input from staff.

It’s functionality is limited to specific products and not really useful for specific purchases made here and may set a bad precedent.



Is that a euphamism, Gimma?