Free Mobile Phone Service From FreedomPop

Happy Monday everyone! We’re super excited to be back here!

For those unfamiliar with our service, here are a couple FAQs:

1. What’s the coverage or network do these phones work on?
The EVO 4G & Galaxy S II connect to Sprint’s 3G and 4G WiMax networks. You can check out coverage by going to The iPhone connects to Sprint’s 3G and LTE networks. Check coverage at (Be sure to toggle the 3G and LTE only boxes)

2. What’s FREE?
You purchase the phone, and then you can take advantage of Free Phone service. Our Free plan consists of 200 Minutes, 500 Texts, and 500MB every month

3. What about WiMAX being discontinued?
Sprint has announced that WiMax will be phased out at the end of 2015. Even after WiMax shuts down 17 months from now, you will still be able to use the EVO 4G or Galaxy S II when connected on 3G or WiFi. This issue won’t affect the iPhone 5 since it connects to 3G & LTE.
We also hope that if you do try us out and are happy using our services that you’ll join us in our LTE upgrade program, currently available for all existing subscribers.

4. Do you still an $0.99 inactivity fee?
A thing of the past. We waived this fee altogether for new users starting a year ago and will eventually for everyone.

5. What’s up with the reviews and customer service issues?
We’ve received a lot of criticism over the the past year stemming from our initial wireless hotspot policies. We’re a startup company attempting to disrupt the wireless telecommunications industry by competing against the big guys with billion $$ marketing budgets and nearly unlimited resources. Everyone has an opinion, good or bad. Major publications who’ve reviewed our product including Forbes, PC Mag, Top Ten Reviews, Clark Howard, and TUAW who have been impressed with our service and respect our efforts of making free internet accessible to everyone.
The good news is we’ve listened to these criticisms and updated our policies as a result. We’ve definitely made a lot of changes since our initial launch to improve our service, but if you have any other specific questions, feel free to ask. We do have an A- BBB rating and a AAA BCA rating. Feel free to check them out here.
We’ve also beefed up our customer service team considerably over the last year. We encourage you to come to FreedomPop HQ anytime to meet the team in person. Like any customer service team, we do experience times with high call volume, but you can always email us via or PM us during the course of this woot deal.

FreedomPop Reviews and Ratings[list]
] (You don’t have to pay for customer support)

Is the iPhone locked?

  1. Is the iPhone OS the latest, version 7.1.1?

  2. Shipping date says 3-5 business days, but is that after purchase, or after the sale ends on July 7th? Makes a difference on these long sales, especially during vacation season.

Yes, the iPhone is locked.

The iPhone does have iOS 7.1.1. Shipment should take 3-5 business days from the initial purchase date. At the end of each day, Woot will contact us and provide us with the info for all orders from that specific day. We will then process and ship those orders.

Can I keep the ATT phone number I have now ?

Yup! You can port your AT&T number immediately when you first activate our phone. Alternatively, you can always choose a new number at first and then port your AT&T number after a month or two.

so i went to your website and the plans that are on there arent really saying what all you get with each plan like minutes/txt messages. Or does the phone service work through the internet that you guys offer? i was specifically looking at the 19.99 plan what does that include minutes/txt message wise? becuase all it says is 2 gigs of data.

Just to be sure - would I be able to port a number from Verizon too?

Does these phones use GSM cards? If so can I buy a unlocked phone and pop your GSM into the unlock phone?

Fortunately I received my FreedomPop Freedom Phone Samsung Galaxy SII that I ordered from Electronics Woot 1-day deal on June 24th, 2014, but unfortunately it only has a smaller old Samsung 1500-mAh battery dated 2010.09.13 or September 13th, 2010 while the Electronics Woot June 24th, 2014 specs & the Samsung manufacturer website specs state it is suppose to have a Samsung 1800-mAh Lithium-ion battery.

During testing, the battery power appears to significantly decrease quicker than my other similarly battery sized Android smartphones. To try to save or conserve battery power, in the Settings I turn off Wi-Fi when not needed, turn off the 3 Location Services options when not needed, turn down the Display brightness as much as I can to operate the phone, & in Apps I use the Stop option or Task Manager app or button to end any running apps that are not needed.

The Samsung manufacturer website specs & here’s the details on the battery below:

Battery Type and Size 3.7 Volt, Lithium Ion, 1800mAh

Battery, Standby 10.5 Days

Battery, Talk Time up to 8.7 hours**


The Electronics Woot June 24, 2014 product sale specs website specs on the battery below:

Battery: 1800 mAh Lithium-ion battery

Is there any way I can get help to obtain the correct larger longer lasting battery that is suppose to come with or in the Samsung Galaxy S2 FreedomPop Freedom phone???


Sounds like you may have been looking at the plans for our hotspots instead of the phones. Our Free plan consists 200 Minutes, 500 Texts, & 500MB of data. We also have an unlimited talk & text plan (plus 500MB of data) for $10.99/month.

Yes you can! Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, etc. all work!

sounds like an amazing deal do you have a link to this plan?

Please clarify. So you’re saying Bill Snyder from was wrong when he stated in the 1st paragraph of his article


When you say “the iPhone is locked” do you mean that the FreedomPop iPhone 5 is GSM locked U.S. DOMESTICALLY so it cannot be used on another U.S. carrier like AT&T, T-Mobile, & Verizon?

If I chose to deactivate FreedomPop service and my FreedomPop account would FreedomPop then unlock my iPhone 5 for U.S. DOMESTIC use? So that I could use it on Sprint or another U.S. Sprint MVNO like Ting, Boost Mobile, Virgin Mobile, Ciao Mobile, etc. After all, I did pay full price for it and without a contract.

Is the unlocked status of the FreedomPop iPhone 5 that Bill Snyder referred to only applicable INTERNATIONALLY? So that if I were to travel to Asia I could just purchase a prepaid GSM & pop it into the FreedomPop iPhone 5 and obtain service from the local carrier there? If this is the case then it would make the FreedomPop iPhone 5 very desirable to me because I plan to do a lot of travelling soon.

Please PM us the email address associated with your account.

When you received your phone, you’ll need to go to in order to activate your phone. During the activation process, you get to choose your desired phone plan.

Thank you for your response in this post. PM sent with e-mail address. Looking forward to getting help to resolve this problem in a reasonable timely manner.

ah ok good to know 10.99 is a really good deal for unlmd. txt/talk you guys should advertise it on your site more cause i didn’t see anything on your site about it just a suggestion.