Free Mobile Phone Service From FreedomPop

This really seems too good to be true, thinking of getting one for my grandparents for the VERY limited mobile phone use they would have (no data/text and most time they’re at home)

It there some crazy catch like you have to provide a credit card and if you go over there is an automatic ridiculous charge?

If you don’t have to put any credit card info in when activating I might be in for 2.

Pending a response from Freedom Pop: it is unlikely that you would be able to use an unlocked GSM phone with Freedom Pop. if they are using Sprints network, then that would be CDMA, not GSM.

My current phone doesn’t have a date plan and can’t connect to the internet. What does 500MB cover? How much is it for additional megabytes or a terabyte?

I’m thinking of using it for streaming video like Youtube and Netflix and web browsing.

Is there a monthly charge?

None of these phones have GSM cards.

The iPhone is locked to Sprint, so you wouldn’t be able to activate it on AT&T or Verizon. However, you would be able to activate on a different Sprint MVNO (if you decide to cancel FreedomPop in the future). It won’t work internationally.

You’ll need to activate the phone by creating a FreedomPop account and putting a credit card on file. However, you won’t receive any charges if you’re only signed up for the free plan.

You can disable the automatic top-up feature to ensure your account/device gets suspended when you approach your monthly allotment.

Spot on!

500MB is good for sending emails and reading news article, but I wouldn’t recommend it for video streaming & Netflix. Netflix is data intensive and you’d use your data pretty quickly (1 hour uses about 300MB).

We offer a 100% Free plan that provide you with 200 Minutes, 500 Texts, and 500MB of data every month. We also offer higher plans such as our Unlimited Talk & Text plan (+500MB of data) for $10.99 per month.

Question for the FreedomPop representative: I bought a beta Evo Design phone. I never use it for voice calls because it just doesn’t work, period. The battery life is also pretty bad. Nevertheless, I use it to receive emails when traveling. Would the Galaxy and/or iPhone offer better quality voice calls? Better battery life than the 8 hours I get with the Evo? And yes, I’ve been updating the FreedomPop text app as directed and tried all the battery-conservation tips. Last questions: will either of the above phones offer wifi hotspot capability (you offered this with the Evo, but when I got the phone, you had changed your policy – I have proof); and is it possible to get Verizon as the carrier instead of Sprint (which I saw once, no free plan but a 7.99 per month plan). Thanks.

I understand that it would not be unlocked for U.S. domestic use because of the UICC SIM card pairing with the handset (For more information please see the following two links: and

Sprint does offer unlocking of the iPhone 5’s SIM card slot for international use (

That’s why I asked freedompop for clarification because a article stated the FreedomPop iPhone 5 would be sold unlocked and refurbished however the author, Bill Snyder, did not say if it was U.S. domestically or internationally unlocked ()

How then would you explain Sprint’s ability to unlock the SIM side of the iPhone 5 for international use? From Sprint’s website: “For certain devices engineered to include a SIM slot, Sprint may be able to unlock the device’s SIM slot in order for a foreign carrier’s SIM card to be inserted. Sprint will unlock, or facilitate the unlock of, the SIM slot of an applicable device for international travel…”(

On Sprint’s forums many Sprint subscribers have asked if they could use their iPhone 5 internationally & Sprint has advised them to contact their Sprint Worldwide Care department to have the device unlocked.

So the article is incorrect? You may want to contact the author, Bill Snyder, and have him update the article (

it came up last time that you’re unable to use the last 500 mb of data. unless data carries over, you’re actually dealing with a 400 mb a month plan.

So will we still have the free 500 minute plan after the phase out, just with 3G only and WiFi without WiMax (along with the 500 texts and 500MB data)? Or do we have to then go to a pay plan with you. This is not clear in your statement above as it sounds like the phones will still be usable but only if we join you in an upgrade program. Thanks in advance.

Are voice calls made through an app that uses your data? Or are they like every other carrier and connect straight through without counting against your data? I guess my main question is, do I have to open a specific app from FreedomPop to make a phone call or does it just use the normal phone app built in to the OS?

It is clear in that statement, it says you will still be able to use those devices it will just be on 3G and wifi only. Same plan. If you decide to update to an LTE device, same plan as well.

Can I use a Galaxy S3 or S4 that I currently own as long as it is a Sprint phone? Or do I need to buy the phone from your company?

I’d rather have the FP rep clarify if that’s OK with you. It can be interpreted that the free plan may or may not continue from their carefully worded statement and is therefore not clear. You can ASSUME what you want but you know the old saying about that.