Free Mobile Phone Service with iPhone 5s

This seems like it would be good for somebody’s meemaw. Like a Jitterbug but better.

I absolutely love my freedom pop phone and their service. It really is free!

BUT… I bought a new freedompop phone on here a month ago or so and I wanted to just transfer my old service to the new phone. I couldn’t figure out how to do this, I contacted Freedompop (2-3 times!) and I never heard back. Eventually I just created a new account with a new phone number.

Freedompop is great. Customer service is a little lacking.

Freedompop: Can you help me with this now?? I’d still like my old account (then I keep my old phone number and I keep my freedompop friends).

Do you mean keep your old PHONE NUMBER?

Port your old number to Google Voice. Costs $20. Then you’ll always have your own number, and can have it forward to your Freedompop #. Porting your old number to GV will cancel your previous phone account with that carrier.

Blake, did your Freedompop pre-owned phone have any physical damage to the screen? Any blemishes or dings on the case?

Item description mentions updating Messaging app in Google Play store. On an iPhone? Don’t think so.


Are the Freedompop iPhones unlocked so I can use them on a GSM network?

If I use my sprint phone for freedom pop can I go back to Sprint afterwards? Can these refurbished iPhones be used on sprint after freedom pop?

Picked up an LG G2 the last time they had a Freedompop deal. Phone is great and the service is okay, but the technical support is awful. Submitted to get my wife’s number ported to the phone a month ago and it still hasn’t happened. They charged me $9.99 and two support tickets later I still haven’t gotten any response. Buyer beware.

Okay… If you have constant access to WiFi that doesn’t block VOIP, then go ahead and buy this.
If you want service that is spotty (at best), this is perfect.
If you want to have to check your texts and phone messages all the time, because FreedomPop hangs up before you have a chance to answer, also perfecto.
If you want to pay an extra $3.99/mth to actually be able to use it as a phone that can make calls, this is the one for you.(And the incoming calls still don’t work).

I have one. It is very, very slightly over the line of “minimum acceptability”. Don’t get it if you actually need a fully dependable phone.

I mostly use google voice so the actual number that freedompop gives me isn’t as important. So yes, I ported my important number to google voice. But, I now have 2 freedompop phone numbers and I’d prefer my OLD freedompop number.

The two freedompop phones I received:
Samsung S3: I think it might have had some minor dings, but nothing serious.
Nexus 5: seems to be in perfect condition.

I can’t answer the GSM/unlocked question. Freedompop runs over sprint, so I’d guess no???

Does this work with my Mac?

Walmart has 16GB iPhone 5s on the Straight Talk Service for $149 brand new, with Apple warranty and everything. So if someone wanted a brand new phone with a 1 year warranty that would be your best bet. Straight Talk uses either AT&T, T-mobile, or Verizon, depending on which sim card you put in the device. Just wanted to share an alternative to a refurbished phone, because that is important to some people.