Free New SPOT Watch, if you have a Dick Tracy Watch


Just did this, and a new one is on the way…

Starting now and while supplies last, Microsoft is giving away free SPOT watch upgrades to anyone who owns a first version Fossil or Suunto n3. This is a great offer, with very few strings attached, read on for the details.


Microsoft has a limited number of second generation watches available to for exchange for all first generation watches, including: Abacus Wrist Net Round (AU4000), Fossil Wrist Net Dick Tracy (FX3002), Fossil Wrist Net Square (FX3000), Fossil Wrist Net Round (FX3001), and Suunto N3 (SS010722220).

Members must meet eligibility requirements, which include:
They have a version 1 watch attached to their account.
They have a current MSN Direct subscription
They must upgrade their yearly subscription
They are only eligible to receive like-brands for this exchange (i.e. Suunto n3 watch owners can only get an n3i)
Call 866-676-8487 with your MSN Direct subscription and watch model information handy to exchange their watches.

Microsoft wanted to recognize those who joined the service early and those who have given their feedback on this site, rewarding them with an upgraded watch. It’s a great offer, but remember, supplies are limited, so if you want to participate, call soon.


Sure sounds like a scam to me . . .


Well you have to sign up for another year ($40), but it is no more of a scam as when a cell phone company offers you a new phone if you re-up.