Free shipping fake


I can never get free shipping when I log in.
Woot has lost many sales because of that.
They say prime members get free shipping but don’t
Yeah I’m done


I get free shipping each and every time I order when logged in with my Amazon account (and using Chrome since I have 3rd party cookies blocked on MS Edge).


Hi there. I’m sorry for the frustration. Fake is such a strong word. Let’s try confusing.

We don’t show that you’ve logged in with your Prime Amazon login in.

Try this:

  1. Log out of woot.
  2. Log in using the LOGIN WITH AMAZON button.

That should do it. Let me know.


Yup, works for me, too. And I’m very thankful to have it, too, since it’s saved me a lot of money.


I am new–and don’t have a clue. I have a prime account also, but when it says to login to amazon–all I get is a blank page. I actually went to amazon and bought what I wanted.


Hi there. Make sure you’re not blocking pop-ups. Also, you must allow cookies from amazon and woot.

Thank you!