Free Your Heart

Wow, that is really quite and amazing and beautiful design. I don’t like it on the shirt color though.

I don’t know if I like the art enough to get it on this shirt.

So are we melting their heart of stone with a hot tropical beat or breaking their heart of stone with a cool island beat?

I like the breaking open/crumbling the stone glow at the top. Nice one.

This is a take-your-breath-away kind of design. No text, no pop culture reference, just beauty erupting from a shirt.

Kinda felt like you took me one step forward and two step backwards there.

purty! :slight_smile:

Haha, yep it’s a talent.

My heart grew 5 sizes by gazing at the magnificent artwork.

The dirty word replacement system seems to be acting up again…

Yes, I do find this shirt sexy.

I knew it. Butterflies don’t come from your stomach, they come from your heart.

Jokes aside, great design. I feel like it has it’s own “Aaaaaaaaaa!” fanfare soundtrack going on in my head.

Hey! Anyone else remember Wonder Balls? This is just like that only not disappointing!

Love the art, all the careful details.
I find it almost religious like a catholic holy card or icon, a sainted virgin with her angelic heart, or something like that.

(Too much parochial education for me.)

Free Your Heart? The image looks more like “Break Your Heart Open”…

Anyone else thinking of the Mumford and Sons song, “Awake my Soul”?

Oh I wonder, wonder, wonder…

Curiosity got the best of me. I stole one of those just to see what was inside the ball. It was not magical butterflies and waterfalls.

That design is just plain gorgeous! Great job!

Normally I don’t comment on these, but honestly this is some of the best actual artwork I’ve seen. No offence to the rest of the artists because they do a great job as well.

I just find this design elegant and its use of color is quite good as well.

Fantastic artwork. Too bad about the low-quality blanks, it’s just not worth $12 for the crappy Anvils… I really need to quit checking Shirt.woot… it’s just depressing…