Freedom Bra 3-Pack



I got these last time they were up on sport.woot. They are incredibly comfortable, but leave a bit to be desired in the “support” realm. Fine for everyday use, but not so much for actual sports.


They have a 90 day warranty?!


I’m going to try these out. When the girls are happy, I’m happy. It’s worth a shot.

Does anyone have any sizing suggestions? True to size or size up or size down?


From what I’ve heard, these are better for leisure than sport. You could probably get away doing yoga in them.


Fun Fact: all three pictures are the same woman with her hair put up in different ways. I wish I could remember my snappy comment from last time these were on sale.

Edit: I found it, and boy was it a good one too bad it got deleted. (if you look hard enough there is still evidence of it)


Last time I think someone mentioned they’re not actually marketed as “sports” bras anyway, other than just being on sport.woot, but also suggested the possibility of wearing two for extra support, as appears to be depicted in some of the photos.

If you want to see something hilarious, though, check the price at Perhaps that site exists solely to provide evidence that the list price is “real?” I can’t imagine anyone would actually buy from there.


I would size up, got them last time and they run about a size small. Also it states to tumble dry them, but I think that might’ve contributed to the sizing issue I had.


NOT GOOD. i bought these last time and I’m not pleased with them. They’re hard to get in & out of, and don’t offer much support at all. I don’t consider them to be good for sports at all, the girls are swinging around and bouncing. Maybe it’s fine if you are a b-cup or smaller, but if you have a “nice healthy set of lungs”, maybe not a good purchase for you.


Tried these and they are like wearing pantyhose on your chest. Very flimsy and fabric uncomfortable. If you are more than an A cup this is never going to be enough to be used as a sports bra…not even yoga.

Cheaper than other places but really not a good buy.


The trick with pull-on bras is to start out with them inside out and upside down… that way after you slide your arms up through, you can grab the bottom of the bra and pull it straight down… they go on waaaaaaay easier that way.

As for comfort – DD here, and find them very comfy – and no support issue. But I bought 1 size down to ensure some support.

I wouldn’t use these for running or aerobics, but for everyday just being alive, they’re plenty.


I’m wearing one of these right now. I’m not looking forward to taking it off. I can’t find a good way to take it off without getting my long hair tangled up in it.

Support: No. Just no. I can do light housework while wearing these, but nothing more strenuous than that. I haven’t tried wearing two at once because getting one on and off is such a pain, I’d rather not double my fun.

Modesty: Err, no. Let’s just say that neither the beige nor the white should be worn with translucent shirts. The black one is a little less see-thru.

Comfort: Either I’ve got Shoulders Of Steel, or these bras bind across the shoulder blades. Otherwise, they’re slightly less comfortable than wearing nothing at all. Of course, they’re slightly more supportive than nothing at all, so that makes sense.

Last time someone posted that she bought a size too large to wear as a sleep bra. The thought of wearing a sleep bra had never occurred to me, but if that’s what you do, these might work for that. Otherwise, keep your expectations low and you won’t be disappointed.


Exact opposite of what I’d say – I sized down one to get some support from them – maybe they’re sized inconsistently?


Could be. I hang these to dry, and they’ve stayed pretty consistent in size.

Good, I feel better now that I’ve said something nice about them.


You could have posted your video from the previous woot, too. I’ll let you do it if you want. I don’t recall if it was $19.99 like tonight:


No bargain here…sorry woot! Bought 6 for less than half this price…

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I don’t have these exact bras, but very similar ones from Bali, and I bought them a size smaller. As a 38DD I was technically a large, but I bought medium and they worked great as sleep bras. Having lost a lot of weight I lacked…shall we say, perkiness, so sleeping with something to just keep the girls where they should be was much more comfortable. Definitely not for sports, but for keeping things contained during down time? In for one (three?)


My mom taught me this trick to get in & out of them…step into them & pull them up. Don’t try to put them on over your head, they’ll twist up something awful.

They are very comfortable. Not terribly supportive. More of a casual, leisure bra. They don’t give you that nasty under-boob sweat, I don’t know how they do that but they are quite cool.

Sizing was about right. I machine wash them in a mesh bag & hang to dry. They dry very fast.

I recommend them, but not as a sport bra. More as a get comfortable under your day-off-slop-around-clothes.


Ooooh, where?


Holy Crap!! That price IS ridiculous!

>>shakes head<<