Freedom Buster Beds

This is not funny, but just plain WRONG and disrespectful. Making decorative things out of the American flag, or facsimiles thereof, is specifically forbidden. Only a clueless money grubber would even think of making a “dog bed” (and I’m a dog lover) out of anything resembling our nation’s flag - and on the heels of Memorial Day makes it even worse. Where’s your sense of respect and decency? Shame on you woot and the horse you rode in on. To say that this item pi$$es me off at woot doesn’t even come close.

I agree with geraldvg comments. This is plain WRONG. I understand someone in China or elsewhere making this but it is wrong for you to encourage a dog here to lay on our flag.

It is time to unsubscribe from this company if this is the kind of disrespect that you encourage.