Freedom Jog Bra 3-Pack



Was tempting for the wife but don’t have her size LOL.
And we get them cheaper.


tee hee hee now I get to go to bed with naughty thoughts


Oh, so now you want my bra size? Nice try, woot.


Woot product photographer’s best day ever.


Wowza! I never thought that I’d see a non-plastic female on this site for product demos!


where? spill the info! plz


I own these… super comfy, but if you’re in the larger sizes I wouldn’t recommend jogging in them. I have however comfortably done yard work and housework in them. I also ordered the next size up as sleep bras.


No love for Sport.Woot? Only one day for the Sport-Off?



Remember that after you buy your first item today on any site, everything else ships for free until midnight CST to night!


Something tells me that for girls DD or larger (maybe even D or larger) these won’t really do what we want them to do…does anybody have any experience with these who isn’t woot-model-sized?


90 day Woot warranty, ladies. Good to know.


Still new so not a lot of stuff for the woot-off yet.


I think I’m in love with the model for the White one.


It’s not at all creepy that I noticed they used the same model on all three pictures is it?


It’s the same model in all the pictures.




Hmmm, I see that upon further review. I guess that’ll be more of an endorsement for that color.


Bras like these are incredibly comfy, but if you were checking the sizes to see if they’ll go up high enough to house your gals, don’t do any high impact sports in them. Yoga and cycling should be fine.


Fair enough :slight_smile: Thanks for the response Thunder. Also, I look forward to the first Tech-Off!