Freedom Phone Samsung Galaxy SIII

Hello Woot! Thrilled to be back here with another deal for our Free Phone Service with a selection of Android phones. If you have any questions about FreedomPop, I’ve included our top FAQs below (along with a link to a more expanded set). I’ll also be around to answer any questions in this thread or through PM!

** 1. Is FreedomPop really free?**
Yes, by activating on the 100% free, you’ll be able to get 200 minutes, 500 texts, and 500MB of data for free each and every month. Just buy the phone and you’ll never have to pay another phone bill again. Upgrading to unlimited talk & text is only $10.99/month.

** 2. What network does FreedomPop use? **
FreedomPop uses Sprint’s 4G LTE and 3G networks. Calls and texts are made through FreedomPop’s VoIP messaging app, so you must have a data connection in order to send/receive calls and texts. Go to to view the full coverage. As a way to save your free data allotment, you can also connect to any local WiFi network, such as the one in your home or work.

** 3. What do I do after receiving my phone? **
After you get your FreedomPop phone, please go to Enter in the MEID of your phone, along with your desired email address to be associated with your FreedomPop account. Follow the steps to get fully activated. You will select your FreedomPop phone number during the activation process.

To see an even more expanded FAQs, please check out this page of the FreedomPop Community Forum! Hope everyone has a great day!

I don’t have much of a need for mobile phone service, so FreedomPop fit the bill (i.e. free) for me. But most people do not have my limited needs, and may not be satisfied with them as their primary service provider for cellular:

  • The Sprint coverage used by FreedomPop, at least in my home, sucks. Normally that is not a problem because they can use my WiFi instead of the cell signal… except when my home Internet connection is down. When that happened the other day, I called my Internet service provider with my FreedomPop phone and noticed a severe problem with the voice quality. It was so bad that I couldn’t understand anything my ISP was saying. I shudder to think what might happen should I need the phone in an emergency situation, such as after a major weather disaster. Since that was kind of the point of getting this phone, I feel that I now have to consider an alternative.

  • The Samsung SIII is a nice phone, especially for the price I got it (under $100, if I remember correctly), but the refurb quality was iffy. I am particularly concerned with the micro USB connection that is used to power the phone… not only was there visible physical damage around the connection, I have to jiggle the cable a bit to get the phone to charge, and even then, it is not 100% reliable.

All in all, I am mostly satisfied, in that the service is free and the phone was not too expensive. But I would guess that anyone who uses the phone a lot and needs reliable service 100% of the time might be happier with another service, even though their bills would be considerably higher. That said, I am considering trying their BYOD service for my tablet.

I’ve been using Freedom Pop for more than 6 months. I rarely use a cell phone, but the Samsung smartphone can be used for more than just calling someone. And Freedom Pop is free - unless you want voice mail. I haven’t spent a single cent on cell phone service since I bought my phone.

Ok, this is me. I have no cell phone. I loved my palm pilot that died 6 months ago. 10+ years of trouble free service. It outlasted 2 computers. I got a galaxytab in hopes of a suitable replacement… not quite. If i do the free plan and keep it in airplane mode do you think this might be a good replacement?

Ok previous purchasers… tell me your stories

I bought one of these a while ago and tried to set up my account with Freedom Phone. Every call I tried to make was charged roaming charges (yes, roaming in this day and age) even down the street well within my area code. So, for those of us who are techy challenged, you might want to take a pass. It’s very, very confusing and I couldn’t get any help fixing the problem.