Freedom to Scribble

Congrats on the print! Very cool design.

Thanks kg07!

Congrats transformingegg! Great design. Woo!

I love the detail of the scratch and scribble. Fantastic work Egg.

Also, the artist writeup cracks me up.

I see what you did there

Congrats on the daily!

WOW!!! amazing line work,

Love the expression and great style :slight_smile:

Would love to see these shirts made in the USA not just printed here.

Woot would have loved to also, and the older shirt.woot shirts were – but after American Apparel was bought out, the Los Angeles factory was closed and despite their name, much of their lineup is not USA made anymore.

And in that interim post buyout/closure, they wouldn’t have been able to supply blanks for several months – which really wouldn’t work for a site that has new designs every day. :frowning: