FreedomPop Internet

Does anyone have one of these? Do you have to sign up and is there an initial start up fee? I would be interested in the 500mb free per month to do some stuff when I’m on vacation or whatever the circumstance is.

Also is there something that tells you when you are close to your limit so you arent blasted by fees?

Be sure you read some reviews like those on Amazon before you decide to dive in.

Seeing several scam warnings from the likes of pcmag and Amazon, mainly on billing issues like getting billed $370 for supposedly using 32 gigs of data. Reviews on the device itself seem solid. I dont think the service is scam, it just sounds like their systems get errors and dealing with their customer service is a pain. Bottom line is the old adage is true: if it sounds to good to be true, it probably is. In this case I think you can possibly get some good/cheap data balanced by the headache of atrocious cuss-to-me service and billing errors.

The coverage checker is a phishing expedition, requiring zip, street address and email to even see if you are covered, so I will save you the trouble: if you are not in the center of a major metropolitan area, forget it (with the inexplicable exception of bucolic Milledgeville, GA).

Google MIlledgeville + Prison and see how many dots are on the map. Perhaps it’s popular among the incarcerated?

Yeah I tried that too. Their website is just ridiculous and made me quite angry. No reason you need my e-mail to check if there’s service in my neighborhood. Luckily as far as I can tell this just piggybacks off the Sprint 4G network, so you can check there.

Also this line from the description REALLY concerns me: “You can earn 500MB every month by connecting with friends and get UNLIMITED free data with special offers and promotions.”

Does this mean we start with zero free data, and only get our 500 MB a month if we can “earn” it? I tried slogging through the terms and conditions on the website, and they’re ambiguous on the matter. Not going through Woot, it’s clear the 500MB plan costs $3.99/month with the option to “earn” data.

Is it the same with the plans linked here?

Service is pretty awesome, thought too good to be true but I haven’t paid a penny for 3 months and get great speeds.

I have the Photon and the service is great in Los Angeles and New York where I use it!

You get 500 MB free data every month. if you want more, you have to pay. You can also earn more free data if you have friends on FreedomPop but I only earn 100 MBs per month (2 friends).

No coverage anywhere in:
New Mexico
N. Dakota
S. Dakota
South Carolina
W. Virginia
New Hampshire

Very limited in:
Michigan (Grand Rapids only)
Nevada (Vegas only)
Idaho (Boise only)
Tennessee (Nashville only)
Virginia (Richmond only)

Good coverage in:
Texas (except S. of I-10)

if you’re a rep say so. quite a coincidence you just joined last week and this week what do you know, these things are for sale.

Hi guys, we’re definitely here to answer any questions you might have, so feel free to ask.

Not cost to sign up and no fees for cancelling or downgrading during your month. All you would have to do is get a device and get it activated on our website. We’re giving away 2GBs for free for the first month (usually its $17.99)for a limited time. We also have a 500MB plan that’s free for life.

You can monitor your data usafe easily using your web account. We also have an app, and a tool bar, but there are some great third party apps as well.

… email address required to check the map? I agree, petty BS like that tells me all I need to know about them… I’ll pass

We offer a lot of different plans and devices, so I know our website can get confusing.

The $3.99/mo plan that you are referring to is NOT associated with these devices. This is for our Pro 3G/4G 500MB plan that is for the Overdrive. Since all the devices we offer here are only 4G capable (no 3G fallback) they go by a different set of plans that are located on the Features portion of each Device.

In short, we have a 500MB Free plan that you can stay on essentially forever. If you connect up to 10 Freedom Friends you can earn an additional 500MBs (50Mbs/friend) that will renew each month on top of your already free 500MB plan. So that’s 1000MBs each month completely for free.

Yes there is - there is a mobile app which i don’t use, or you can just log into your account on the and see usage there. Note, usage is delayed by 3 hours so it is not exact

Roommate ordered from their website when they launched. He’s had no problems. Really comes down to how much internet you use. I’m in for one of these.

I have a FreedomPop USB stick already, works great for me, the free internet really is free.

I just bought the hotspot here, $30 cheaper than site. going to sell the USB on ebay to anyone who wants used

They’ve had a lot of deals lately. where I got a stick, but would be interested in the hotspot for my tablet. The devices are solid. Service is free so how can you really complain on free. I can definitely recommend the bolt, you just plug it in and works great on my mac at home, but the hockey puck seems more versatile.

If we sign up for the 500MB/month free plan, are we also eligible for the $3.99/month rollover option?