FreedomPop LG G3

Hi all! So great to be back on Woot with some top smartphones that come with our 100% free phone service. Please see below for the top FAQs (plus with a link to a more expanded set). I’ll also be here to answer any questions in this thread or through PM!

** 1. Is FreedomPop really free?**
Yes, by activating on the 100% free plan, you’ll be able to get 200 minutes, 500 texts, and 500MB of data for free each and every month. Just buy the phone and you’ll never have to pay another phone bill again. Upgrading to unlimited talk & text is only $10.99/month.

** 2. What network does FreedomPop use? **
FreedomPop uses Sprint’s 4G LTE and 3G networks. Calls and texts are made through FreedomPop’s VoIP messaging app, so you must have a data connection in order to send/receive calls and texts. Go to to view the full coverage. As a way to save your free data allotment, you can also connect to any local WiFi network, such as the one in your home or work.

** 3. Are there any special add-on services that I can get? **
One of our top value-added services is Premium Voice. If Premium Voice is active on your account, then your phone calls will be redirected through Sprint’s Voice Network, rather than going through VoIP. Adding Premium Voice costs $3.99/month.

** 4. What do I do after receiving my phone? **
After you get your FreedomPop phone, please go to Enter in the MEID of your phone, along with your desired email address to be associated with your FreedomPop account. Follow the steps to get fully activated. You will select your FreedomPop phone number during the activation process.

To see an even more expanded FAQs, please check out this page of the FreedomPop Community Forum! Hope everyone has a great day!

I have two LG Optimus F3s from a previous FreedomPop Woot deal. I was just in Canada and they would not work at all. I think it has something to do with GSM vs CDMA. Would this phone work in Canada and does the free service cover Canada?

Our service is currently not available in Canada, stay tuned as we are looking into expanding!

Crazy hot price on the G3, a phone which closely matches my Note 4. Mothership has good reviews, and can’t really match this price. (Used is cheaper, but it’s used, and has no service.)

I can’t vouch for FreedomPop’s version (sorry!) but the G3 really is a fantastic phone. I got mine on Verizon upon release and it’s great. It was a beast of a phone when released, which means 2 years later it still holds up pretty well compared to your “average” phone. The screen was the first QuadHD (2560x1440) screen on a phone and is a bit dim compared to contemporary devices, but not horribly so. I still think the clarity is well worth having to run it at a bit higher brightness (compared to getting some other phone at this price with only 720p!)

It seems to be a sort of “love it or hate it” phone, but a lot of the early reviews seemed overly critical about lags and other issues which many people didn’t actually have, and those that did were mostly cleaned up over time with OS updates. (I wouldn’t be surprised if a small bad batch of G3s went out at the very beginning) My G3 has been lag free and rock solid since the beginning and the Android updates (currently on Marshmallow/Android 6.0) have only made it better.

FYI - You’ll probably get the $19.99/mo plan free for one month. If you want free service after that you need to cancel that plan, of course, but then you are Automatically put on a $7.99/mo plan, so you’ll also have to cancel that to get the free service. You’ll probably have to search how to do that because freedompop does not make it obvious - It is simple, just not obvious. IMO, the $7.99/mo plan is the best option to have a smart phone that can minimally act as a smart phone. I bought 2 of the Samsung Galaxy S3’s last time around and I’m satisfied with the service except that I cannot receive calls while connected to wifi.

It is actually easy to cancel all services through the website when you log into your account. I have a SIII with them, and although the battery life is horrible that is the phone not the svc. My last SIII was bad as well. I also have activated my Tab 3 with them now (previously Sprint) and both work great! I am actually going to port my number over as well and cancel my old svc.

Buyer Beware; you get what you pay for.
The worst experience I’ve ever had with cell phone service was with FreedomPop. Even though the coverage map said it would work in Pensacola, FreedomPop service completely sucks.
Don’t waste your money on this.

It is easy…but you need to realize that you are signed up for a few different things and that for each one you have to find the tiny text on the screen to cancel it and then click the big red button that looks like a popup ad.
If you do not scrutinize your credit card bills like I do, you will not notice them charging a few dollars each month for forgetting/not noticing you needed to cancel.

I got one of these from Woot last time they offered them. My wife loves the phone and the service works pretty well in our area. Cell service ends a mile from my house, but it switches to WiFi and everything works great.

I still think the way to go with these phones is to use Google Hangouts for better voice quality, but I can’t get my wife to switch her number.

Bought the LG G2 last time this was offered on Woot for my daughter. Phone is great, but FreedomPop service is horrible. A few days after setup she could send, but not receive texts,could not receive calls, FreedomPop app wouldn’t load, couldn’t update it. Tried all the recommendations of their tech support…useless. Had to do a complete FACTORY RESET and wipe the phone. If it doesn’t continue to work I’m ending this service…and then try to get FreedomPop to unlock the phone so I can take it to another carrier.

I have a samsung G3 since it came out and a G5…I bought an extended battery with a back to match on Amazon and WOW it’s the very best it will last for days…My G5 needs two batteries per day

I had 5 posts on here. All FREEDOM POP negative, and WOOT deleted them.



Please note that the ride share application ‘LYFT’ does not work on FreedomPop.

I got the phone for a neighbor to use it for Uber and Lyft. However, no Lyft!

I sincerely apologize for the inconveniences you and your daughter have experienced. Please PM me with your account information and I will be glad to further assist you!