FreedomPop Phone LG G2

FreedomPop is a bad company that sells non-functioning devices that are a complete waste of time and money. As someone wrote earlier, there is no such thing as a free lunch!

You’re right, I did have to buy the actual phone!

I have never been charged a fee that I wasn’t aware of. No company is perfect, but if you pay attention to all the fine print when you’re clicking to add or remove service on their website, you can navigate the details and actually setup free service without having to contact anyone. It isn’t rocket science. Have you personally had a bad experience? I’m curious.

I already have an account and a phone for Freedompop. If I want to upgrade to one of these what do I need to do to move the account over to the new phone?

If there are any issues with your FreedomPop account/device, please PM me and I’ll try to help you out. We do have a 90-day warranty on all phones.

Just contact FreedomPop Customer Support after you receive your new phone. They’ll be able to make the switch and make sure you keep the same phone number.

I obviously agree their coverage map is deceiving, but fortunately my area works. I bought the LG G2 today for my daughter when she turns 9 in 3 months. The hardware itself is worth most of the price.

When will the Premium Voice start working for incoming calls? It works well for outgoing calls on the S3, but nothing for incoming calls.

Will I have to buy a SIM card for the LG G2?
I’d appreciate everyone’s opinion on this phone vs the others offered on this woot deal. It seems like the best of the ones offered. Most internal memory and best camera. Thanks!

It’s not that simple. The coverage map is basically Sprints. If you had a sprint phone on sprint’s plan you would have VOICE service for calls and calls really wouldn’t suffer. The problem is that if towers in your area are getting heavy traffic for data that could impact your ‘voice’ service since it’s really VOIP.

People would be a lot less upset if they understood that before getting FP service.

I don’t think you’re wrong, it trumps the rest including the s3 pretty handily - easily worth the extra $20 imho.

No- you won’t need to buy a SIM card. The LG-G2 is definitely the way to go despite the few extra bucks. The LG-G2 way better than the S3 (which is the next best phone in the bunch) and more on PAR with the Galaxy S4- and some would argue that it is even better than the Galaxy S4. See this comparison to the S4:

Can I use this phone (the LG G2) with Ringplus?

Thank you all for your reply. I was just getting ready to buy and BOOM, its sold out :frowning:
UGH!! I guess I have to wait until the next time woot offers it again. I believe they have done this sale before. Does anyone know if they have had this phone on previous sales? Thanks!!

I haven’t seen the G2 offered previously.

Yes. I purchased a pair of useless devices called Freedom Rocket Sleeves. They were supposed to enable an iPod touch to tun into an iPhone of sorts. It’s a mobile hotspot.

I attempted to use one right after I bought them, they just didn’t work. I chalked it up to bad service area but it should be Sprint’s network. I know several people who use Sprint. It’s not that bad. It’s not like I live in northern Maine, I’m about 20 miles outside Boston.

I recently gave the device a second try, after not using it for a year, same result.

I very recently received an offer from FreedomPop to “upgrade” to a newer hotspot. These current devices, that never worked, were no longer going to be supported. I inquired into the potential of giving me a credit toward a FreedomPop phone rather than another mobile hotspot.

I explained my position 3-5 times. They have offered zero value for these devices, which, I suppose, is their actual value.

I did place a service call with them on the device, it led nowhere.

I like freedompop. You can basically control your own account. Service varies, its voip so somtimes its choppy. completely free as long as you sign up the right way. (opt out of unlimited trial)

1 major negative though. I tried to contact customer service by email twice in the last month. NO REPLY. So ive given up on that.

Avoid FreedomPop at all costs.

I bought one off of a prior woot deal. The first phone sent was not flashed correctly and was stuck in a perpetual infinte boot loop. It took 3 weeks for FreedomPop to issue an RMA.
The replacement phone arrived 3 weeks later…it had a new screen but the case was beat to hell and the metal around the case was deformed.

Once I setup the account I discovered the calling app would crash whenever I tried to make a call. Also despite the Woot sales saying the phone included 500MB of free data, FreedomPop would not honor that deal when setting up my account. After attempting for over a month to get support to resolve those two issues, I finally gave up.

Just stay away from FreedomPop unless you intend to flash their phones to another provider…even then be aware that you may end up with a complete piece of crap for a phone.

The coverage runs out about a mile from my house, but I live pretty far out in the boonies so that’s not a surprise. But my phone automatically switches to Wi-Fi when I get to my house so I don’t miss any calls.

In my experience Sprint coverage tends to follow interstates pretty closely. I never have problems with calls when I’m in the car, except that I hate talking while driving.

What kind of phone did you order? I logged into to the FreedomPop forums and found a lot of help with the settings on my S4 which improved data performance.

I wouldn’t say FreedomPop is right for you if you are a total novice, but if you don’t mind learning a bit about your phone and all the settings, it’s an amazing deal.

I didn’t have this experience at all. I had to wait on hold for about 10 minutes, but the person who came on the line was very pleasant and a native english speaker as far as I could tell. He solved my problem in 5 minutes and even gave me some free data to make up for my troubles. I didn’t even ask.

Me thinks DuggleBogey may be a FreedomPop plant!