FreedomPop Phone LG G2

Hello Woot! Big thanks to the mods for allowing to be back with a fresh set of Android phones bundled with our 100% free phone service. I’ve add our top FAQs below (along with a link to a more expanded set). I’ll also be around to answer any questions in this thread or through PM!

** 1. Is FreedomPop really free?**
Yes, by activating on the 100% free, you’ll be able to get 200 minutes, 500 texts, and 500MB of data for free each and every month. Just buy the phone and you’ll never have to pay another phone bill again. Upgrading to unlimited talk & text is only $10.99/month.

** 2. What network does FreedomPop use? **
FreedomPop uses Sprint’s 4G LTE and 3G networks. Calls and texts are made through FreedomPop’s VoIP messaging app, so you must have a data connection in order to send/receive calls and texts. Go to to view the full coverage. As a way to save your free data allotment, you can also connect to any local WiFi network, such as the one in your home or work.

** 3. What do I do after receiving my phone? **
After you get your FreedomPop phone, please go to Enter in the MEID of your phone, along with your desired email address to be associated with your FreedomPop account. Follow the steps to get fully activated. You will select your FreedomPop phone number during the activation process.

To see an even more expanded FAQs, please check out this page of the FreedomPop Community Forum! Hope everyone has a great day!

Don’t do it… Got a freedompop phone on the last woot offer… Phone’s battery wont hold a charge their customer service after I finally got some simply suggest I buy another battery… Phone still didn’t work with the new battery, contacted them multiple times and the customer service was complete garbage often they would say send me your account name or info I would do it and they never got back to me… Woot’s service was just as bad I contacted them and never heard back from them. Avoid this deal like the plague.

Be forewarned… I haven’t bought one myself but the comments about FreedomPop sales on woot! are often replete with dissatisfied customers. And it also makes me wonder why FreedomPop has to so aggressively monitor and participate in the forum section.

A few things about Freedompop.

  1. It does not work great everywhere despite the coverage their map tells you. I live in the midwest (Fort Wayne) and it works fine here.
  2. The free plan is not meant for most cell phone users. It’s great as a backup/emergency phone, it’s great for young kids, it’s an option for someone that needs a cellphone but can’t afford standard plans.
  3. Google hangouts works great with these
  4. The LG G2 is the best value they have going. The G2 is about equivalent to a Samsung S4. The display is full HD, the camera is good and it is quite snappy in performance. I gave this to my daughter for her birthday (just turned 9). I have no problems video chatting with her on google hangouts, voice quality is acceptable for calls.
  5. As long as you are careful when you are signing up, and uncheck things that need unchecked- then the default service is truly free
  6. This is the second phone from freedompop I’ve purchased. The first one (Nexus 5) looked brand new. The LG G2 looked pretty good. No scratches at all on the screen, a few scuffs on the back. The camera lens was a little scratched, but I was able to get those scratches out using Novus scratch remover (DO NOT use this on your touchscreen). The battery was good with both phones.
  7. The freedompop forums are a place you need to go to for answers.

I’m completely satisfied with the product and service and have recommended it to people that live in my area, because I know the coverage is decent here.

I’ll be around here if you wish to PM me. I can help with any account assistance and make sure a Support Agent get in contact with you.

Glad to hear that you’re enjoying your phone!

Can the G2 be rooted? Custom rom installed?

I didn’t even bother, because since these don’t come with all the bloatware that ATT, Verizon and Sprint put on their phones- they don’t lag. Both my son’s Nexus 5 and my daughters G2 run fast and great. So I didn’t even bother with a custom ROM.

Maybe I’m just dumb as a post, but I see several replies from FreedomPop saying that the individual can PM him/her to aid in resolution of the stated problem, but I have no idea of where to PM you. How would I connect with you to ask a specific question that may be too long and involved to present on this forum? Or would I have to call the number you list?

You PM using envelope icon above and to the right of the users avatar. If you hover your mouse over it, it will say PM user.

Just click on the envelope icon by my username/logo. Should direct you to a page to Private Message.

So let this be a real red flag to anyone thinking about this “deal”… None of the upset wooters have had any luck getting in contact with customer service at freedompop through the normal channels… So if you get this phone you’ll not have the ability to PM anyone you’ll be stuck like us with crap service and a paperweight for a phone.

Looks like these things run off Sprint’s towers… Can this phone easily be ported over to Sprint service, or would I have to load a different ROM on the device?

$90 G2 would make an excellent backup phone in case of accidental destruction.

So, this deal is back again.

So far, I’m actually pretty pleased with my G2 from the last offering. Originally, the battery seemed to be a bit poor, but since then it either figured out how to be more efficient or I haven’t been using it in the same way…

…call quality could still be a bit better, as could their calling app (ending a phone call with a lock screen in place is interesting to say the least). But if you’re using Google Voice already, this gives you 1gb of data, backup VOIP calling, and as long as Sprint covers your area it’s a great (FREE!) deal.