FreeMotion 1020 SY Dual Station Home Gym



My Yogi says that we’re all dyin’ - little-by-little…we’re ALL dyin’. That’s why I’m checking out exercise stuff. But enough about me. Does it come with a pre-measured sugar dispenser, so I can count calories, too? Only 16 calories per teaspoon, or so my Wait Watcher counselor and endocrinologists tell me.


How about a test-strip holder

Anyone ever use one of these? The price seems good, but I could not find any good reviews. A low price and $5 shipping is very tempting.

One 4 star review from Costco where it sells for $999.99 that says it seems to work well but assembly is slightly difficult and it could do with an extra couple sets of carabiners for the different handles so you don’t have to switch them on each handle every time you change workouts.

Also, this is available new on eBay for $699.99 with free shipping, so not seeing much of a deal here.



Ordered and tried to cancel within an hour or so and was told it could not be cancelled. Could “return” it for a 15% restocking fee. The order is in stone in just a few minutes?

I have made MANY orders from woot! and this may be my last.