Freestyle Hammerhead FX Watch (3 Colors)

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I received a Freestyle watch in my woot! birthday box and got to say it has not come off! I just love how light it is and as someone who never wore watches, it is very easy to forget about once it is on your wrist

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What is a Woot! Birthday box?

On Woot!'s birthday they sent out a few BOC’s to some of us completely out of the blue. Came with some incredible stuff that I use daily.

I spoke all about (and included a pic) here

I can’t tell you how excited I was to receive this and how thankful I am to Woot!

10…0…20…0…30…0 …

why? how does that make sense?

Looks like a good deal on a cool watch. It’d be nice if there were some pictures showing the size and scale of the watch face. I’d like to know whether this is one of those ridiculously huge watches that you see people wearing nowadays.

I will vouch for the Freestyle brand. I bought the touch screen compass watch when it was here last time.

It does have a large face, but I like it and love the touch screen once I got used to it. I love not having the dials on the side of the watch. It is comfortable and I have had no problems with it. Pretty stylish too. Worker at the bar we were at last week commented on how cool it looked.

The Amazon link above had this picture:

To add to what ThunderThighs posted…

A diameter of 45mm, like this watch, is a more traditional size. What you are referencing falls in the 50 and 52mm range, like an Invicta.

It’s pretty funny seeing 45mm referred to as “a more traditional size.” It wasn’t so long ago that men’s watches were 32-34mm.

My thoughts exactly. Most of my watches are 42mm and under. That being said, 45mm really isn’t so big it looks over-the-top.

GIS “45mm dive watch on wrist” for a good idea of how it looks

Woot! I would like to see some lower end automatics on here. Maybe a Seiko 5 or Orient Mako. Make it happen :slight_smile:

Sorry thought I was in the watch forum.

This is an improvement over the endless Invictas, cast from mall-kiosk quality bling.

But why would a watch that was designed for one job — to tell the time — do everything to hide the hands? This isn’t some monochromatic art watch. Every time I would glance at this I would have to focus past the garish (10…0…20…0?) bezel, the brightly-colored moving second hand, and the neon-bar time markers before making out the hands.

Really backwards design.

You could argue that as an alleged diving watch, it’s designed to allow easy monitoring of elapsed time using the outer bezel. So from that perspective, that’s the only place there should be actual numbers, so as to minimize confusion. (I don’t understand the point of the intermittent '0’s, though.)

I am going to buy a watch and i want to buy the one with steel band.

I ordered one, got it today, black hands on a black background are almost impossible to see. If the white tip on the minute hand is over a number mark, forget it.

Ordered the watch and received it Thursday. But you sent the red one and I ordered the blue one. Sent email on Thursday and again yesterday but haven’t heard back. Tomorrow I call the bank and cancel payment.