Freestyle Sport Watches

I got the classic Blue one in a Baggie of Crackrocks last week. It’s a pretty nice watch, but it’s just not my style. The screw-down crown was broken on the watch and I noticed that it had a “limited lifetime” warranty on the manufacturer’s website. They’ll fix it for free after you buy the parts and pay shipping both ways. They don’t handle their own repairs either. It’s contracted out to another company (I think that company also does Invicta’s repairs if I’m not mistaken).

Got the Shark last time they offered it. Huge mistake. Can’t read the numbers very well due to them blending with the background. When you hit the light for illumination, it pretty much just blinds you and you can’t even make out what time it is in the dark. This watch was made by a guy that failed in life worse than my uncle…and my uncle doesn’t even have a job.

I got the ‘Touch Compass Watch - green’ last time (for $3 more) and it works great. It’s a larger watch than I envisioned but since it uses a touchscreen, which is unique, bigger is better. Love the way the touchscreen works, as well as everything else. It’s got good weight and seems built like a tank.

thanks for the info