FreeTalker Wrist 2-Way FRS Radio - 2 Pack Woot Info Post
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FreeTalker Wrist 2-Way FRS Radio - 2 Pack [New] - $9.99 + $5 shipping

2 * FreeTalker Wrist 2-Way FRS Radio

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Very old horrible looking website, but they used to be $65 at one point. WALKIE TALKIE WRIST WATCH FRS 2-WAY RADIOS | Arizona Gold Prospecting

Also, a super-old woot that I purchased of similar product. Those were $18.

Guess I should edit to state that those in the previous woot turned out to be significantly underwhelming. The range was barely 500ft much less 1.5mi. They also seemed to pick up interference from cordless phones or possibly other people with 2-ways. When attempting to use them, we would be accosted by people shouting “what do you want?” which no doubt sounds hilarious, but if attempting to actually use these, that may be something to take into account.

When my kids were younger, I’d give one a radio when he went to play outside. To him, it was great fun, but to me, it was a way to make sure he was safe.

This will give you a much better idea of the size.

How many can you hook together?

I think I found the manual…

EDIT: Just kidding… Here’s the real one:

EDIT, EDIT: For real this time:

…and because apparently I have nothing better to do than look up info on these, this site has them for $25, but without choice of color, only the plain black/silver/orange.

At that site, these things could have been priced at ten thousand. Just gist for the import mill.

eCrater has them for $19.99 at the moment. Still whooped by woot.

Nope that is just a photo of a unit.

I agree. I got these back then too. Indeed underwhelming. They were fun, but range of only a few feet. The batteries died after about 6 months, and replacement batteries run about $25. And they don’t work well in the cold, so don’t plan on using them outside for a few months unless you live somewhere balmy.

Here you go:

I love these things. Wish they existed when I was 10.

I always bring a bunch of these and normal FRS radios I got off Woot to the Jersey Shore with my college friends each summer. Good for keeping keeping in touch with a bunch of people when you’re all in a tight area. We even use them in supermarkets, coordinating who is picking up what.

If I didn’t already have enough, I’d get at least two pairs at this price.

Yep that is the same one i found here

This looks like someone’s elementary school HTML project. I hope it’s not for real.

I too got a differently branded version of this toy back in aught-seven. In fact I bought two pair at 17.99 each pair

then in October, I bought 3 more at $5.99 each singly.

They were fun for a couple weeks in the summer, the kids were able to get a good half-mile out of them around the lake.

The batteries are horrible. If you let one discharge too far, it dies. If you charge it for more than 8-12 hours, it dies. If you use the backlight too much, it dies.

Oh, and they keep pretty lousy time.

i wonder if the chargers will work with 220v ?

Yea. Bought these in a prior woot. Batteries died and wouldn’t take a charge anymore. $9.99 for two is overpriced.