French Bordeaux 4-Pack

French Bordeaux 4-Pack
$79.99 (Normally $110.00) 27% off List Price
2 2004 Chateau Guerry Cotes de Bourg
2 2004 Tour Blanche Cru Bourgeois du Medoc
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I must applaud the WCC crew for roping in some Bordeaux for us. I think this is a f!rst.

How tannic are these at this age? And do we get any stats other than Alc?

Lastly, why does F!RST get changed by the woot filters? Really?

It only gets changed when it’s followed by punctuation to catch the people that like to post “FIRST” on threads.

Yes, it’s good to see some Bordeaux here.

The CT notes indicate little in the way of tannins… Makes me wonder how much longer they can be cellared.

Do my eyes deceive me?

Aged Bordeaux on WW?

Nice touch!! I’m all about Italian wines, but a little French now and then works :slight_smile: Thanks for the great offer.

They’re already 8 years old. Why cellar them any longer? They’re village BDX; not any serious growth.

I was excited about this offer, but now that I see they’re about $10/bottle on winesearcher…but shipping from EU would be a killer.

I’d love to have some rattage on these.


Ali (is Ali stil with WCC?)?




Is there anyone out there?

Just nod if you can hear me.

Is there anyone home?

The avg prices on CT don’t lead me to believe this is even close to a deal, and I’m only here for the deals.

In for none.

What happened to the days of every fifth deal or so being too-good-to-be-true/irresistable?

Uhm, aren’t all those places in winesearcher in Europe? Will they ship it to you for $5? It’s already imported to the US for this price.

How about the two plus deals up right now? 3L’s of tasty in one and some very reasonably priced reserve syrahs in the other… (I’m on the buy list for the syrahs)

Also, many people don’t have access to aged Bordeaux. This is a chance to try the real thing.

It may not be for you, but it certainly still offers something new!

Here’s some info on French Bordeaux… Vins de Bordeaux | Site Officiel

You can buy Marilyn Merlot but there’s no such thing as Brigitte Bordeaux. Somebody needs to fix that… and then make a Jessica Albariño.

Tried lots of aged Bordeaux in Switzerland and was never overly impressed. Found them to be decent like the reviews on CT. If you like bold Cali reds like I do these might not be for you. Of course Ive not tried these particular wines…so who knows.

Bought instantly if only to encourage Wine Woot to bring us more French wine. May I go for a very long shot and suggest finding us some Jura Savagnin, or even Jura Chardonnay ? I would definitely be in for the maximum, and ask all my friends to do the same :smiley:

I waited and waited - and have now pounced to claim my first wine woot trifecta:

French Bordeaux 4-Pack
Last wooter to woot:dalematthew
Last purchase:a few seconds ago

McClean 2005 Estate Private Reserve Syrah 2-Pack
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Scott Harvey Old Vine Zinfandel Magnum
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I’m excited to experience each of these for the very different characteristics they each bring. Nice spread woot.

Now off to kids woot to by my daughter some knee high socks :slight_smile:

No, they won’t ship the wine for $5. But how much can a plane ticket to Europe be… :wink:

+1 for french varieties …

Would have loved to hav tried these but I just bought the fruit bomber and the McLean syrahs. So no BDX for CT.