French Bordeaux 4-Pack


Interested to know if they are produced in the Old World Style or the New World Parker Style.


Not even close to a good deal. Google the vintages and ordering can save you many bucks.


Uhhh, what? Are you saying this is a bad vintage or that there are better prices available (see above)?


In for 2…


I had a taste of the Guerry at the office but didn’t take notes. What I recall- It was dark and powerful… darker in color and fruit then I would expect from right-bank Bordeaux. I’m guessing now, looking at the breakdown, that the Malbec is responsible. It had that earthy/dirty note that I’ve found in some Bordeaux wines I’ve tried (a note that I find enjoyable after not tasting it for a while). The tannins were mellower and softer than I expected, before I realized it was an '04.

When I lived near K&L, I would keep my eye out for decently rated/decently priced Bordeaux- and when I found them I enjoyed them… but they were always young (2-4 years old) and required serious decanting to take the edge off of the young tannins. It’s more difficult to find aged wines like these.

As pointed out they seem to be readily available in Europe, so if anyone in France or Belgium want to pick some up and split a case, PM me…




Just the basic facts.
Show me where it hurts.


I feel your pain. Personally, I’d like to see some Kaye Syrah, Natalie Portan and David Tannat. Not to mention Whoopi Goldburger, Leon Pinella, Tina St. Marie and Lauren Bical. Shall I go on? :slight_smile:


Hi All, I would describe the Tour Blanche as quite tight with strong tannins in place that will continue to mellow over the next 5-10 years. The Guerry has a higher ph and is drinking more soft and satin right now. Both wines I would describe as a nouveau style in that there is some oak and they are fruity, however, there is some distinct dirt and terroir in them. So, rather than Old or new world, I’ll refer to them as mid-Atlantic in style.


Thanks for joining us! Are you the importer?


That would appear to be Greg Marletto, the president of One Vine wines

They focus on “passionate, small, family wineries… that practice sustainable farming.”


is WW competing with Garagiste? They both serve a purpose.


Aug 25th - placed the order. Sept 4th - info delivery to Fedex. Sept 12th - no updates (package never delivered to Fedex). What a mockery of seller.

One Vine Wine - stay (far) away from them!


Email ; there’s likely an explanation.


Tried our first bottle last night… Cotes de Bourg… with my wife’s Daube and some Saint Nectaire. My wife, who is quite picky about her Bordeaux’s, was very pleased. I’m certainly no expert in wines, but I really enjoyed this bottle. Looking forward to trying the Medoc Cru Bourgeois, but will probably wait a couple more years.


Good luck with that! I have been emailing since september 2012 and despite prompt email responses, no problem resolution.


Send me a PM when you’re able with your order # and issue and I’ll see what I can do from my end…