French Bull Super Cooker 1.9 Quart - 2 Colors

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French Bull Super Cooker 1.9 Quart - 2 Colors
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1.9 quarts is pretty small. That might make enough chili for 3 dainty ladies, or one me.

Almost has to be a typo; I was thinking the same thing.

2 cups to a pint, 2 pints to a quart (or 4 cups), 2 quarts (8 cups). A cup is 8 oz, 8 cups is 64 oz. This is a good size for one to 2 people.

1.9 qt. is probably accurate, given the dimensions shown on the specs tab (“Dimensions: 8.2 x 8.2 x 3.9 inches”); likely that’s outside dimensions possibly even of the box it comes in.

$100 on Amazon!

Problem is…when ever I make chili or soup I end up making it for like 10-15 people (not intentionally). 3 chix breasts and a cup of rice somehow turns into 8 meals. My 5 quart pot and 6 quart slow cooker are always full to the brim with deliciousness.

Think of this as the insert to your crock pot only one third the size and no heater. It’s big enough for a fondue, but that’s about it.

If you know somebody who is single and only cooks for one, this is actually a nice device for even heating in a crappy apartment oven.

I’m single and cook for one, but, if I’m going to cook, I’m going to make enough to last a week or so.

…and some for the freezer too.

It doesn’t say where it was made, but I doubt it was France. I don’t like names that are used to deceive. Definite pass.

Ugh…“French Bull” is the name of the company.

“1.9 Quart clay crock pot in the Gala or Ziggy design by French Bull.

Yep. Cook on Sunday, 3qt slow cooker generally gives me enough food for 4-5 lunches. Making individual meals in a slow cooker just means more washing of an awkward item. They’re cute. Would like those lid designs on a real crockpot.

I think it’s meant to appeal to the same demographic that’s making French Bulldogs a thing these days. They are cute, though (the dogs, not the crocks).

Personally I’ll stick with my cast iron dutch ovens. All the same versatility, plus the durability of cast iron. (And the extra bonus of feeling like I’m cooking the same way my gramma and great-gramma did.)

Where is it made? How could you leave that out of the Specs?

Sorry about that. They are made in China.