French Salt Trio Collection with Glass Tray



French Salt Trio Collection with Glass Tray
$24.99 + $5 shipping
1 Fleur de Sel de Guérande 5oz glass jar
1 Fumée de Sel – Chardonnay & Oak Smoked Salt 5oz glass jar
1 Sel Gris de Guérande – Fine 6 oz glass jar
1 Trio Glass Serving Tray

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$25 for 3 small jars of salt, eh?


I’m officially putting in my request for wine-for-people-who-haven’t-won-the-lottery-and-can’t-afford-$



woohoo! My first time first suckering. Maybe I should start buying everything that pops up more quickly.


Are you saying that the wine.woot offerings have been too expensive?


No single picture of the glass salt holder? :frowning:


I shall LECARAMEL-ize this offering…



$46.99 over at Amazon, but no reviews.

Straight from their website, it looks like each of these jars go for about $15 a piece.

I was looking for something like this. I like the subtle differences in the types of salt, since I eat a lot of raw food and a touch of salt makes a world of difference.


From ze woot previous.

And manufacturer website


Not all of them, but lately it seems like more are becoming so.


This is the real deal Fleur de Sal. What a nifty salt set. Here’s my tasting notes for the Fleur: Salty.


This will go great on my McDonald’s french fries.


Ok, seriously, this is some WAY above Morton’s salt stuff. I got two last time they had it to use for Christmas gifts. Got phone calls from both giftee’s after they’d used them saying “thanks for the cool odd gift!” Kicked myself so hard that I didn’t keep one that I went and paid a lot more for some of my own.

The smoked one in particular is amazing.

The dish is useless but the salts…man oh man.


Even though I controversially include wine near the top of my list of items absolutely necessary for survival in this world, alas, glass salt-serving trays simply don’t make the cut. I wouldn’t even know how to use it - do you just set it on the table and take a pinch or two out of it as needed? Do you need an absurdly tiny spoon? It’s madness, I tell you, MADNESS!

Besides, I still have plenty of this hanging around (haven’t even opened the fleur de sel yet), and although this looks much higher quality, $30/pound for salt is rich, bored lawyer territory, not living-somewhat-beyond-one’s-means, student-loan-dependent law student territory. Try back again in four or five years. :slight_smile:


Is this salt better than the salt offering I bought from here a few months ago?

I still have a lot left guess my wallet gets a needed break. :HAPPY:


I think there has been a very healthy mix. Just two days ago, there was a sixer of $9 SB (shipped). Before that was the woot-off which had plenty of everyday-priced wines. Before that was Ty’s Field Blend masked by anther name. YMMV, but I think that there has been a very healthy blend of offerings.


Yes, that’s why I said not all of them were too expensive. You could have saved a couple of minutes and simply said “I’m going to disagree with you no matter what you say.”


Ah, salt, salt and smoked salt. No bacon flavor? What a waste.


About how many teaspoons are in each Jar?