French Salt Trio Collection with Glass Tray

Used this for Thanksgiving and got tons of compliments on things I used it in! It is a lot to pay for salt but it lasts a long time and your guests will think you are a great chef

Condition: Salty

Love it.

I love fancy salts. They totally make a difference on a lot of foods. One for me, one for my mom!

How is salt like this best used? And in what types of dishes?

Is it legal in the US?

Makes a difference - maybe. I am a wine / food snob to some extent but $30 per pound on salt seems pretty hard to stomach considering the only difference is that sea salt has some other minerals in addition to sodium chloride. There are plenty cheaper ways to obtain great flavors such as with fresh spices and herbs.

I received a 5 pk sampler of these salts last year and used them in meats, fish, salads, and when cooking veggies. They come with a card suggesting what each salt goes well with. Very tasty. And, the company isn’t too far from where I live. Shop Local!

“This is a healthy replacement for ordinary table salt”

This is complete BS. There is nothing that makes this healthier than table salt. Sodium chloride is sodium chloride. This may possibly have minerals that could be a slight advantage to some depending on diet, but I don’t think you can say that this is “healthy”.

Here is the website to the company that makes them.

The site has a handy dandy reference for using the salts.

I have never used these but I do have a variety of cooking salts that I use for different purposes, finishing as well as cooking.

Looks like this is a good deal, too.

In for three. Great gift for anybody you know that likes to cook. I still have plenty left from the set I got myself last year, too.

So… you’re from France?

You do realize that these are produced in France and not USA so they are so not local it’s not even funny.

“SaltWorks is an American Salt Company, founded in 2001 and based near Seattle, Washington (USA).” From their website…

Sounds fairly American to me.

Yes, American selling imported French salt. If you want to shop local for these salts then you need to live in Britanny, France

The salt is most definitely produced in France. The company most likely imports it, and for the Fumée de Sel, smokes it at their company in Washington.

So, it is local, and it’s not, depending upon which ‘local’ you are referring to…

I’m an avid cook and would love to use these. Unfortunately I can’t justify spending this much on salt. My husband would cut off my clicker finger and put the salt on the wound. Horrible way to use fancy French salt.

The company selling them is American, in Seattle, so it is local to the person that mentioned buying local as long as they live in that area which was the point.

American labor is applied to the product to add a value. It’s like saying Chevrolet isn’t an American company because they source some parts outside of the U.S.

Seems like we got a second “box of cherrieos” today. This one is $30.00 a pound.

but…but…how will you get your iodine?

I bought this set last time and couldn’t be happier. These are premier salts and harvested by hand. The smoked one in particular is amazing and a must have. The Fleur De Sel is the perfect finishing salt to any dish. For those who are complaining it is too much, why are you so cheap? You pay more for wine and I can find plenty of > $10 bottles of wine but when I want something better quality I buy a more expensive bottle. I still have most of mine and salt doesn’t go bad so I do’t need another but may pick one up for a present.