Frequent Flyer 3-Pc Luggage Set-3 Colors

**Item: **Frequent Flyer 3-Pc Luggage Set-3 Colors
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Are these compatible with my Mac?

…sorry, for some reason I couldn’t resist.

TONS of good reviews (4.1 out of 5.0) over at The O

[MOD: Don’t appear to be the same. See this post below.]

Don’t think that is the same set, I was comparing pics earlier, they dont look the same.

Are the size differences big enough to make them nestable? Hard covers may protect your stuff better, but they make storage a lot harder.

For those of us with limited storage space, will the smaller suitcases fit inside the big suitcase?

What makes you think the luggage being sold on Overstock is the same as the luggage being sold here?

Is this the Lionel Ritchie Signature Series?

Google the name, and that’s the first thing that pops up (other than the Woot!) listing.

Seriously, somebody, please let me know how these are – I’m actually looking for new luggage, and am tempted to pull the trigger – but – I know last time I bought hard-side luggage, it came out scuffed to oblivion on my first trip.


According to American Airlines’ website…none of these pieces of luggage qualify as carry-on luggage.

American Airlines Carry-On Baggage Allowance Information on


Might be a good deal except I never understood the deal with the hard shell. I have had hard shell cases in the past and airlines have managed to break things in those suitcases. I do think that a cloth suitcase of the same dimensions will hold more than one of these. The reason however I would not pull the trigger on this is because 28" is on the smaller side of “large” and I would rather spend almost the same amount of money on a decent 30" suitcase.

Allowance: 22" long x 14" wide x 9" tall
Small bag is: 20" x 14.25" x 9.5"
Failing in two dimensions
Sort of thing that probably was once on Sky Mall before they shrunk their carry-on size, other ABS items are similarly priced:
SkyMall - Travel

I was a frequent traveler as recently as February of last year and I had noticed they were no longer really checking size of carry ons. The security scanners seemed to be the only requirement, so if it fit there, you were good. This was the case at MSP, JAX and PHL airports, anyway.

These dimensions are so slightly over that you might be okay. I certainly noticed that once baggage fees became a thing, everyone seemed to be carrying on bags that were too big for the overhead compartments anyway. :confused:

Not necessarily recommending anyone try it, but just sharing my observations.

I am tempted because my primary requirement for luggage is distinctive color so it is easy to spot on the carousel and that purple seems like a good candidate. My current set of bright pink with white polka dots does as well but is looking pretty rough.

Not exactly, The offer on overstock ($10 less + ships free) is not the same set of luggage although very close. It also goes by the brand name, Tavelers Choice instead of American Airlines. Granted they look identical. They may even be manufactured in the same plant but there are some differences that can be found in the specs on both so there may be other differences in quality also. I sure don’t know but for what it is worth, it is not exactly apples to apples and that should be pointed out.

Woot is offering the “Frequent Flyer” set. That set’s dimensions are,
28" - 28" x 19.75" x 12.5" @ 9.95 lbs.

24" - 24" x 17" x 11" 7.8 lbs.

20" - 20" x 14.25" x 9.5" @5.8 lbs

Overstock is offering the “Travelers Choice Rome” set. That set’s dimensions are,
28" - 28" x 21.5" x 12".

24" - 24" x 17.5" x 11"

20" - 20" x 15" x 9"
No weight given on any of these three.

What and if these means anything other than they are not exactly the same is a question only the buyer can answer.

No, if its not made by Apple then its not compatible.

I can’t tell from the photos, are the wheels detachable?

It looks like even the smallest one doesn’t meet the carryon criteria, I’m wondering if it would if the wheels were removed.

where can we buy the Mac compatible luggage … made by Apple ?

Plus this set has 4 spinner wheels on the smallest case, whereas the Overstock one has two (straight) wheels.

I’m pretty certain that the smallest one would be fine for a carry - on. I agree that airlines, at least Southwest airline, does not check for size. I’ve flown through three different airports in the last month and none were checking the size of the bags and two of the flights were totally full, so you would think that would be a concern.