Fresh Cake Remix - Baby Blue

In before guy complaining about baby blue.

Michael, I just Blue myself.

Sweet! My wife has been looking for this shirt in a different color for the longest time. I guess she wasn’t fond of the hunter green or the purple version.

My accumulation of all things “Fresh Cake” continues!

Dang it… finally one that is cute but the baby blue color washes me out!

You win this one, Woot …

So does a shirtwoot-off take a detour to regular woot during the event?

Sigh. shirtwoot gets me again!

It was mentioned that there was a 2.5 hour “detour” last night.

No no no.

Normally, Woot-offs on the main site detours to shirt.woot for an hour, so the question is whether this shirt-off detours to the main site for an hour.

The detour was just a 20% off all shirts for 160 minutes, so everyone could catch a nap.

Does anyone know if Shirt.Woot has officially changed the print size and colors of the Fresh Cake print on the ladies t’s? Between the Fresh Cake I bought during the side sale at the beginning of December and the Fresh Cake I bought during the side sale at the end of March the size of the design appears to have changed and the colors aren’t the same. It’s so large now the “NUUUDE!” is almost in my armpit.

I emailed about my disappointment when the March shirt, with the very large design, arrived and they gave me a refund but did not say the print size had changed. I, foolishly I guess, bought 3 more during this sale and all arrived with the very large print. I guess if I knew the size and colors had changed I could have prepared myself and not been so disappointed. Part of the charm of Fresh Cake is that it is/was subtle. The colors were more muted and the design was smaller. People had to do a double take before they understood it.